Corporate Health Care Program: Benefits- Improved Productivity, Performance

Corporate Health Care Program

Corporate Health is a type of program or a scheme managed by a company for their employees. It ranges from full health and wellness plans through the year to special events like presentations and expo’s. The conduction and implementation of corporate health depends completely on the workplace. The aim of these programs is promotion of healthier lifestyle and living among the employees along with additional benefits to the employer of reduced absenteeism, reduced workplace antagonism, reduced sick leave, increased staff retention and concentration.

Corporate Health Care Program

Corporate Health Care Program Benefits

Worldwide research has shown that employees who live a healthy and active lifestyle experience increased energy, job satisfaction, concentration, confidence and motivation at their workplace. These employees are less prone to injury or illness and are more prepared to handle their stress and accept change in their work place. They put in more fruitful work hours and are more happy and congenial in their surroundings. There is also increase in morale of the employees. All these things benefit the employers also by increased profits and reduction in employee absenteeism.

Some Important Corporate Health Care Benefits To Both The Employers And Employees Are:

  • Reduction in absenteeism.
  • There is reduction in sick leave, unproductive and lost hours.
  • Enhanced staff morale and workplace relations.
  • Increased profits.
  • Improved safety at workplace.
  • Improved productivity and performance of the employees.
  • Reduction in healthcare costs and injury rehabilitation.
  • Employer of choice standing.
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