What is Custom Foot Orthotics? What are the Types of Custom Made Foot Orthotics?

What is Custom Foot Orthotics?

Orthotics is an insertable supportive device into a shoe in order to provide support to the person having problems related to foot such as flat feet or feet with high arch. Custom made orthotics help in reducing the stress and strain, which the feet suffer from everyday walking. They help in relieving pain and improving foot function. Orthotics helps to realigning or correct bad/poor alignment and decrease additional strain on the lower legs and feet. Orthotics can be purchased OTC or can be custom made. Orthotics do wonders with problems related to walking and alignment including knee, foot and lower back pain. Usually orthotics helps in realigning the bones within the foot and ankle and thus takes the pressure off other parts of the body such as the back, neck, shoulders, and hips. Other than this, orthotics also helps in proper weight distribution and takes off the excess pressure from toes, bunions, and other areas of the foot.

Orthotics can be used by anyone with a problem or discomfort related to walking or imbalances in the body resulting in pain. Orthotics can be worn daily and can be used during many activities to decrease additional stress of the body. A chiropractor can prescribe orthotics and most of the times they can last more than a year. Orthotics is a wonderful investment for your overall health.

Custom Made Foot Orthotics

Custom made foot orthotics are insoles which are made from the utmost quality material and are worn inside the shoe. These are usually hand crafted. They are designed as per individual specifications to relieve pain in the ankle, foot, knee hip and/or lower back. They provide support to unduly stressed areas and may also limit the movement of the unstable joint of the affected foot by changing the position of the foot. This redistribution of pressure across the kinetic chain has a positive effect on lower back, hips, and knees. Custom made foot orthotics decreases the high pressure areas, stabilize foot alignment and cushion the foot and do not permanently alter the body’s weight bearing anatomy. Custom made foot orthotics only function when you are standing or walking wearing your shoe. The life of custom made foot orthotics directly depends on the activity level and body weight of an individual. Custom made foot orthotics should be repaired or replaced regularly as they tend to get compressed and worn out over the time.

Orthotics will only work if proper footwear is used. Correct and appropriate footwear and fit is important for successful use of custom made foot orthotics.

Custom Made Foot Orthotics

Types of Custom Made Foot Orthotics

  • Semi-Rigid Foot Orthotic: The materials used in this kind of orthotics are high density rubber, flexible plastics and different thermoplastic materials. Semi-rigid custom made foot orthotics are used for correction of forefoot deformities, hyperpronation, shin splints, lower back pain, knee pain, hip pain, and sciatica.
  • Rigid Foot Othotics: The materials used in this kind of orthotics are firm plastic material and are used mainly for a dress style shoe. They usually extend to the metatarsal bones and are designed for controlling the movement foot joints lying directly below the ankle joint. This orthotics last longer due to the materials used.
  • Soft Foot Orthotics: This type of custom made foot orthotics works as a shock absorber and helps in taking the pressure off painful regions. They are especially useful for patients suffering from the arthritic problems in foot or having deformed feet where the protective fatty tissue is lost. It is also extensively used for diabetic foot.
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