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Causes of White Spots On Testicles & Its Treatment

White Spots on Testicles:

Often at times, many men complain of observing white spots on their testicles. These white spots on testicles may look concerning and tend to have numerous causes. These causes may be completely benign or in some cases may point to some serious underlying medical condition. Even though white spots on the testicles themselves may not be a cause for worry, but they definitely require evaluation to identify if there is anything serious going on which requires treatment. White spots on the testicles in some cases also point towards a sexually transmitted disease which also needs to be ruled out or treated accordingly [1].

It is recommended that if these white spots on the testicles are associated with certain other symptoms then a consultation with a physician becomes mandatory. These symptoms include rashes, discharge from the penis, pain and swelling, pain after sexual intercourse, burning with urination, and swelling [1].

All these are symptoms of a serious underlying medical condition which will require aggressive treatment. This article highlights the causes and treatment options for white spots on the testicles [1].

Causes of White Spots On Testicles & Its Treatment

Causes of White Spots On Testicles & Its Treatment

Some of the causes along with the treatment options for white spots on the testicles include:

Closed Comedones: This is also referred to as white heads and is a variant of acne. This occurs when the pores present on the surface of the skin get clogged with bacteria, dead skin cells, and oils released by the oil glands called sebum. Due to the blockage, there is inflammation and development of blisters that has a white coating which gives the condition its name. While white heads develop in areas where there is significant number of pores which is the face, neck, and chest area, they also at times develop in the testicles causing white spots to develop [1].

These spots are completely benign and pose no threat to the health of the individual. With regard to treatment of white heads, in many cases these spots resolve spontaneously. However, there are many over the counter creams and lotions that can effectively treat whiteheads [1]. The most preferred among them are creams and lotions that contain salicylic acid. Since testicles are quite sensitive, if on applying any cream or lotion, there is skin irritation then that cream or lotion should be stopped immediately to prevent unwarranted complications [1].

Ingrown Hairs: This is yet another common cause for white spots on the testicles. This condition develops when the hairs grow within the skin surface instead of growing out. Ingrown hairs can occur anywhere in the body including the testicles. When this occurs the skin around the area will be itchy and there will be small lesions that will develop which can be quite discomforting for the patient. If these get infected then it may result in the development of folliculitis which is inflammation of the hair follicles [1].

There is no specific treatment needed for treating ingrown hairs. However, some people find that exfoliating the area to remove dead skin cells can be quite effective in hastening the healing process. Additionally, it is recommended not to scratch the affected area as it may cause infection. The itching caused by ingrown hairs can be taken care of by application of steroid creams [1].

Folliculitis: This is a condition which develops when there is an inflammation of the hair follicles. The cause for this inflammation in most cases is infection or damage to the hair follicles. If folliculitis occurs in the testicles, the affected area may develop white spots. These white spots tend to be extremely itchy and can be discomforting but are completely benign [1].

In majority of the cases, folliculitis does not require any treatment and clears up within a few days. However, certain precautions need to be maintained during the healing process where the individual should refrain from shaving the area or wear any tight fitting undergarment which may irritate the skin and delay the healing process.

Antifungal and antibacterial creams and lotions which are easily available at pharmacy stores are also quite effective in treating folliculitis [1].

Genital Warts: This is also one of the common causes of white spots on the testicles. An individual develops genital warts exclusively due to sexually transmitted diseases. The HPV is the offending virus that causes genital warts. These warts have a whitish tinge to it and develop in the testicles and other areas of the male genitalia. This is what causes white spots on the testicles. These warts are itchy but do not cause any pain [1].

Genital Warts again do not require any specific treatment and clear away spontaneously in a few days. However, if they do not clear up then treatment may be required in the form of creams that boost the immunity of the body and help in clearing the warts. In rare cases, surgery may be required to clear away the warts. However, once treated there is a high likelihood that the warts may return and these individuals may require further treatments [1].

Fordyce Spots: This condition occurs due to enlargement of the sebaceous glands. While these spots are commonly seen in the face, they at times can also develop in the testicles. These spots are white in color with a yellowish tinge to it. This is what causes white spots on the testicles. These spots are completely harmless and pose no threat to the sexual or general health of the individual [1].

Fordyce spots do not require any treatment since there are no other associated symptoms experienced. However, if someone wishes to have the spots removed then that can be done by creams prescribed by the physician [1].

There are many causes of white spots on the testicles that can be easily prevented. Not getting involved in unprotected sexual activity and that too with multiple partners is the first thing that one should do to prevent white spots on the testicles [1].

It is also important to wear breathable undergarments so that the skin around the genitals gets constant supply of air and prevents entrapment of sweat and dead skin cells on the pores [1].

Practicing good hygiene and cleaning the testicles every day is mandatory to prevent white spots on the testicles. It is also important to clean the genitals after any activity where excess sweat is produced like workout or after playing some sport [1].

In conclusion, white spots on the testicles in majority of the cases are caused by benign conditions which do not require any aggressive measures in the form of treatment. These causes include whiteheads, ingrown hairs, or folliculitis. All these conditions resolve spontaneously within a few days and at maximum require over the counter creams or lotions [1].

In some cases, genital warts also cause white spots on the testicles. This happens in people who get involved in sexual activity with multiple partners without using any protection. For such cases, treatment with a physician will be required to treat the infection which in turn will take care of the white spots. Some people find these spots unsightly and wish to have them removed. For these people, treatment will be given depending on what is causing these spots on the testicle [1].

Additionally, people who have other symptoms along with white spots on the testicles will also need to consult with a physician to identify a cause and formulate a treatment plan to deal with the condition. If proper preventive measures are taken especially with regard to sexual activity and practicing good personal hygiene, then white spots on the testicles is not a cause of worry and should resolve without need for any medical intervention [1].


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