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What is Numb Penis & What is its Treatment?

What Do We Mean By Numb Penis?

A person is said to have Numb Penis when he loses all or most sensation in the penis. The penis has several nerve ends and is an extremely sensitive organ. If any of the nerves get injured or pinched due to any reason Numb Penis is the result. This can be due to sitting in a wrong position for long period of time or due to hormonal imbalances like having a depleted testosterone levels. An injury to the penis or an underlying medical condition can also lead to Numb Penis. It is a condition that needs to be checked by a physician to identify the correct cause [1].

In most cases of Numb Penis, there is nothing to worry about and is caused by wearing tight undergarments or sitting positions but in some cases it may also indicate something serious going on which requires immediate attention. Thus, if an individual has Numb Penis for no definable reason then it is better to get checked up and start treatment before things get out of hand [1].

What Do We Mean By Numb Penis?

What Causes Numb Penis?

There are a variety of causes for having Numb Penis as stated above. This includes:

Injury: Any injury in and around the penis may cause Numb Penis. This is due to damage to nerves and blood vessels present in the penile area. However, once normal blood supply is restored then the sensation gets back to normal. There are quite a number of activities that can injure the penis. The most common of them include [2]:

Bicycling: While cycling on an uneven surface, the testicles and the penis can get injured. Additionally, continuous peddling of the bicycle causes excessive pressure on the groin and interferes with normal blood supply to the penis causing it to become numb [2].

Continuous Sitting: Siting on a hard surface or on a chair which has insufficient padding again puts pressure on the perineum and the penile area resulting in Numb Penis [2].

Irritation: Irritation on the skin from soaps and other skin care products at times can also cause an injury to the penis resulting in it getting numb [2].

Friction: Wearing tight clothes or undergarments also at times irritate the skin around the penis due to friction. This is also one of the reasons for the nerves to become get injured causing Numb Penis [2].

Sexual Activity: Penis when it is erect no longer remains flexible. During intense sexual activity or masturbation there is always a chance for the penis to get injured or even fractured. This is yet another reason as to why the penis may become numb [2].

Low Testosterone: Hormonal imbalances like a depleted levels of testosterone is also believed to be one of the reasons for Numb Penis. Testosterone plays an important role in controlling sexual desires. The levels of testosterone gradually deplete with age and it is quite normal for older adults to have low levels of testosterone. However, if it occurs in youngsters, they will find sex less pleasurable. There will also be a significant decrease in sexual desires. This may sometimes cause an alteration in sensation of the penis which they may perceive as Numb Penis [2].

Nerve Issues: Certain medical conditions affect the nerves directly. These include lupus, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and certain forms of cancer. When these conditions affect the nerves present in the penis then Numb Penis occurs [2].

Peyronie’s Disease: This is a rare cause of Numb Penis. This condition is characterized by accumulation of scar tissue within the penis. This scar tissue is significantly less sensitive than normal penile tissue and because of this the individual may feel that he has a Numb Penis [2].

Prostate Cancer: Prostate is the gland that produces the seminal fluid which has sperms in it and is ejaculated when the male reaches orgasm during sexual activity. Any damage to the prostate gland has direct effect on the penis like numbness and tingling. Additionally, there will be increased urinary frequency and problems with urination. If this is the case, it is best to get the prostate checked [2].

What are the Symptoms of Numb Penis?

A Numb Penis occurs when there is no sensation felt when touching or stimulating the penis. The symptoms perceived by the individual are quite variable and include a sensation similar to the legs or the arms falling asleep. Some people feel that the blood supply to the penis is entirely cut off. Even the testicles in some cases lose their sensation. The area will have a tingling and burning sensation. In some cases, the color of the skin around the penis becomes dark blue or purple [2].

What is the Treatment for Numb Penis?

The treatment of Numb Penis depends on the underlying cause. If injury is believed to be the reason behind the numbness then it usually does not require any treatment. The lost sensation normally returns as the injury heals or the activity that resulted in the injury is stopped. In other cases, the following methods are found to be quite effective in treating Numb Penis [2].

Lifestyle Changes: It is helpful to make certain lifestyle changes to get rid of Numb Penis. This can be done by avoiding sitting on unpadded surfaces for long periods of time or standing every now and then. Adjusting the sitting position is also quite effective. The best in fact is to change to a chair which has adequate padding and does not put pressure on the perineum and penile areas [2]. For professional cyclists dealing with Numb Penis, altering the angle that the seat makes can be beneficial in getting rid of the numbness [2].

Medications: For Numb Penis caused by conditions like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and Peyronie’s Disease the physician may prescribe certain medications to help with the numbness. It is also essential to maintain strict control of blood sugars in diabetics to avoid complications like damage to the nerves resulting in Numb Penis. Medications are also helpful for people with Peyronie’s Disease to get rid of the scar tissue and bring normal sensation back to the penis [2].

Testosterone Levels: If the testosterone levels of the affected individual are found to be the reason behind Numb Penis then taking hormonal treatments is effective. This is done in the form of a pills or shots. Once the hormone levels are back to normal then the sensation in the penis is more or less restored [2].

In conclusion, Numb Penis normally occurs as a result of an injury to the penis or the groin. The injury tends to damage the various nerves ends that are present in the penis. Vigorous sexual activity or masturbation can also injure the penis resulting in it becoming numb. Sitting for long periods of time and cycling are also some of the reasons for the penis becoming numb [2].

Certain medical conditions like diabetes and lupus are also believed to be a causative factor for Numb Penis. It is a condition that can be treated if the underlying cause is identified. Thus, getting to the root of the cause is vital and if anyone has problems with Numb Penis then it is better to consult a doctor for a diagnosis and treatment plan best suited for him.


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