What Happens If A Man Is Sterile?

A man is said to be sterile if he cannot impregnate a woman. That is after a period of one year of trying to get pregnant without any success. It basically refers to the inability of a man to produce or ejaculate sperms. Many people tend to wonder whether being sterile develops over time or it is something one is born with. Well, it depends on the underlying cause, which can either be attributed to medical factors, genetic composition, lifestyle or exposure to the environment. Naturally, a man produces sperms in the testes, which are then stored in the epididymis. The sperms are nourished by semen, which is a fluid where the sperms bath in, and during ejaculation, semen is released as well as the sperms. An important hormone in male reproduction is testosterone.

If there are any problems along the way with either the sperms, the hormone testosterone or the path through which the semen is released, then infertility could be an emerging issue. Cases of infertility problems with the man, where both males and females are considered, accounts for a third of the cases where couples are unable to get pregnant. It is devastating to learn that you are infertile and cannot impregnate your wife. However, all hope should not be lost because there are other ways of getting kids.

What Happens If A Man Is Sterile?

It is only natural that after marriage, couples try to get kids. While it comes easy for some, for other couples it is a struggle. After finding out, as a man, that you are the reason why your wife cannot get pregnant, it is never easy. Such news comes with a lot of negative emotions which can lead to one’s loss of self-worth and self-esteem. Depending on the news you have received, you and your wife can make new plans on which direction you intend to take. If you still want kids, you can seek medical attention for further help. That is to get treatment to rectify the underlying problem or find medically approved ways through which you can get to have your own biological kids. The latter scenario is dependent on whether there is presence of sperms to fertilize an ovum. Alternatively, you can opt for adoption, and become a parent nonetheless.

Medical Intervention For Sterility

The ability of a man’s sperms to fertilize a female egg so as to make a baby is dependent on the quantity and quality of the sperms. If there’s any problem whatsoever with that, then high chances are there will be a problem with reproduction. There are several ways which medical interventions can help sterile men make their wives pregnant. If the cause of infertility is due to an obstruction within the ejaculatory path, then surgery can be performed to correct the problem. If surgery doesn’t solve the issue, then couples can opt for assisted reproductive techniques such as in vitro fertilization, to have their own biological kids. Certain medications can also be administered to help with sperm production and hormone stimulation so that a man is able to produce sperms worthy of fertilizing an ova.

Coping With Being Sterile

To improve one’s chances at reproduction, if infertility is due to certain lifestyle-related issues such as drug abuse and hot baths, the man should refrain from such doings. In addition to that, you should ensure you eat a well-balanced meal and exercise regularly. If the news of infertility takes a toll on your psychological being, you should consider counseling and block out any stereotypic comments. If medical intervention also fails to rectify the underlying problem, you should not be hard on yourself. Find ways of remaining positive and embrace the situation as it is, no matter how difficult it seems.


If a man is sterile, then he cannot impregnate a woman. Discovering that you cannot father your own children is heartbreaking and not many people take the news lightly. As a result, some may give up while others take a step to fight for yet another chance of becoming a father. In cases of medical problems, treatment can be administered to rectify the problem. If that does not work, there are assisted reproductive techniques couples can look into. Adoption is also a good consideration for those who cannot be helped with any medical interventions. To cope with stress and self-condemnation that arises from finding out you’re infertile, you should seek professional help so that you can live a positive life.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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