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Can Hydrogen Peroxide Kill Toenail Fungus? How About Listerine?

Toenail fungus is an infection of the nail bed. It is a slow growing fungus that develops when exposed to moist damp areas. Its causes involve weak immunity, old age, athlete’s foot, skin diseases like psoriasis, a minor injury to the nails or skin near the nails, and others. Its symptoms involve discoloration, thickening, and crumbling of the infected nails. It goes not to go on its own without treatment. In case, the patient has diabetes, it is necessary to treat this infection quickly or it would lead to complications.

Can Hydrogen Peroxide Kill Toenail Fungus?

Can Hydrogen Peroxide Kill Toenail Fungus?

Toenail fungus is an infectious disease characterized by discoloration and thickening of the toenail. It is also known as onychomycosis. It goes deep in the toenail and disrupts the integrity of the nail. The infected nail becomes discolored, thickened, and crumbled at the edge. It can be painful. It can develop in any person at any age. Its incidence is commonly marked in the old people who are above 60 years. it develops in the person who is immune deprived, or who have diabetes, minor skin injury or toe injury, other skin conditions like psoriasis and Athlete’s foot.(1)

Hydrogen peroxide (HP) in a concentration of 3% can be applied on the nails to treat toenail fungus. It is a solution made up of oxygen and water. It has strong oxidizing properties that are usually used to deal with beauty and health problems. It is also used to clean teeth and stains on clothes.(2)

It is the oxidation therapy by which hydrogen peroxide can treat toenail fungus. When hydrogen peroxide is applied to the affected nails, it usually oxidizes the causative fungus that grows on the affected nails. In this activity, it kills the causative microorganism. It has both antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is possible when the affected area is dipped in the solution of hydrogen peroxide for 30 minutes daily.(2)

The oxidation therapy of hydrogen peroxide is effective in the treatment of toenail fungus when used in a lower concentration. In high concentration, it is used for a long time, it may cause side effects. Its side effects include redness and irritation on the applied areas. Its 3% solution is used for treatment. It is used for 30 minutes every day. It can also be used in a solution that contains 5 % vinegar to avoid side effects and have good results.(2)

How About Listerine?

Listerine can be used for the treatment of toenail fungus as a home remedy. It is a cheap and effective way to treat toenail fungus.(3) It contains Camphor, Thymol, and Menthol that has antifungal properties. It takes a long time to treat the fungus. It should be applied on the nails every night before going to sleep for at least six to twelve weeks to get rid of this fungus. It depends on the severity of the infection and health of the patient.(4)

Listerine is a home remedy that can be used without any hassle. It is cheap and easily available in the market. If the toe is soaked in a liquid containing Listerine for a few weeks, it can kill the fungus. But most patients do not have this much patience to apply this chemical regularly for a long time.

However, research studies and clinical studies are not present that can prove its effectiveness for the treatment of toenail fungus. However, the FDA has approved Undecylenic Acid present in Listerine that can treat nail fungus.(3)


Toenail fungus is caused when someone is continuously exposed to a warm and moist environment. Hydrogen peroxide and Listerine can be used as a home remedy to kill toenail fungus. Hydrogen peroxide has oxidative properties that kill toenail fungus. Listerine is cheap and easily available chemical to get rid of this fungus. However, it is not proved in clinical studies and research studies.


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