What is Urolithiasis: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Diagnosis

What is Urolithiasis

Urolithiasis is a pathological condition of the Genitourinary System which is referred to as formation of calculi or stones within the urinary tract. This includes the formation of stones in the kidneys and the ureters obstructing the flow of urine and causing pain and other symptoms. Know the causes, symptoms, treatment and diagnosis of urolithiasis.

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Epispadias: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Types


Epispadias is a rare birth defect in which the urethra, which is the opening, through which urine passes out of the body is not fully developed. Know the causes, symptoms, treatment and types of epispadias.

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Ureter Stones: Symptoms, Types, Causes, Treatment, Diagnosis, Prevention

Ureter Stones

Among various kinds of stones that can occur in urinary tract, one is the Ureter stones. Frequent urination can be a symptom for ureter stones. Four primary types of ureter stones are calcium stones, uric acid stones, cystine stones, and struvite stones. Know the causes, symptoms, treatment, types, diagnosis and prevention of ureter stones.

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Ureteral Cancer or Ureter Cancer or Renal Pelvis Cancer: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Ureteral Cancer or Ureter Cancer or Renal Pelvis Cancer

Ureteral Cancer or Ureter Cancer or Renal Pelvis Cancer is a rare type of cancer which originates in the ureters. Know the Causes, Symptoms, Treatment-Ureterectomy Surgery.

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Urethral Cancer: Symptoms, Stages, Treatment- Surgery, Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy

Urethral Cancer

Urethral cancer has the ability to spread or metastasize very fast to the surrounding tissues and can also be found in the adjacent lymph nodes. Know the Symptoms, Stages, Treatment-Surgery, Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy.

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