Causes of Rashes All Over a Child’s Body & What Can You Do?

Rashes can trouble kids at any time and are commonly seen in babies and young children. You may wonder as what are the causes of rashes all over a child’s body? Well, that’s right, causes of rashes all over the body must be understood well so that right treatment can be provided.

While rash is a general term used for skin eruptions and overall redness of skin, there are specific terms that define each type. For young parents, it may be difficult to understand the terms used to explain skin eruptions. Here are a few names:

  • Patch: The area which is discolored and is larger than the bump
  • Bump: A raised area on the skin
  • Flat: Area of the skin that is discolored but not raised
  • Spots: Simple discolored tiny areas of the skin
  • Blisters: Bump with a fluid filled in the center
  • Pimple: The tiny raised portion with white heads
  • Pustule: Blisters filled with pus
  • Lacy: Imprints of lace-like cloth on the skin
  • Welts: Ridges which have redness around its corner and are generally itchy

While most causes of rashes all over a child’s body can be managed easily, some conditions and infections can be serious. It is advisable to seek medical opinion for rashes in children and also keep a watch for alarming signs and symptoms like breathing difficulties, fever, vomiting and deterioration in the overall general health.

What are the Causes of Rashes All Over a Child's Body?

What are the Causes of Rashes All Over a Child’s Body?

Rashes all over the child can occur due to various factors. Some of the causes of rashes all over a child’s body include

  • Viral Infections – Skin eruptions due to viral infections are one of the commonest causes of rashes all over a child’s body. These rashes are quite minor and harmless too but it is very tough to pin point which virus is the culprit behind a particular type of rash. Viral infections like measles, chicken pox, hand-foot-mouth disease and others can cause rashes all over a child’s body. These infections are contagious and often spread to other children. The rashes caused by the virus can be in the form of blisters, bumps, flats, pin-pointed red eruptions and so on. Vaccination is available for most viral infections that cause skin rashes and can be taken with physician’s advice.
  • Slapped Cheek Syndrome – Also known as fifth disease, this infection is caused by a virus, which can present with bright red rash on the cheeks. It can also cause rashes on the body and the symptoms may last up to three weeks.
  • Fungal Infections – Ringworms are another common cause of rashes all over the child. They appear as coin shape, ring like red colored lesions on the skin that itch. Ringworms often spread from other parts of the body and hence must be treated at once. Fungal infections are of different types and can trouble to a great extent by causing rashes all over the body. Candida infection is also a fungal rash which occurs on the tongue of the baby as the white coating and between the toes of the baby.
  • Neisseria Meningitides: This is a bacterial infection, often occurring due to lack of cleanliness and can be a cause of rashes all over a child. This infection is life threatening and can have serious complications and hence must be treated at the earliest.
  • Auto-Immune Reactions – Auto-immune reactions can also be a cause of rashes all over a child’s body. A condition called as Kawasaki’s disease causes blisters and rashes, which cover the whole body of the child. Such conditions need immediate medical attention.
  • Humidity – Humid and hot climate can cause heat rash, which causes rashes all over a child’s body. Children, who sweat a lot, play out in the sun or stay in humid environment must ensure proper hygiene to avoid heat rash.
  • Allergic Rash – Allergic rash is another common cause of rashes all over a child. Children can have allergies due to exposure to grass, dust, animal dander, pollen or any other substance that irritates the child’s skin. Certain types of clothes, clothes washed in certain detergents, personal care or baby care products like oils, lotions, etc. too can cause allergies and are a common cause of rashes all over a child’s body. Allergies can also be a result of consumption of certain types of foods like seafood, peanuts, milk or even some medicines. Such allergic reactions can be severe with rashes all over the child, around the mouth, swollen lips, abdominal discomfort and even vomiting. Immediate medical treatment is required for severe allergic rash in children.

Rashes in very young babies can also be caused by streptococcus bacteria which lead to the scarlet fever. This infection also accompanies fever and usually the trunk gets attacked first.

What Can You Do?

As there are various causes of rashes all over a child, it is important to understand the cause and get the right treatment. A child’s skin is sensitive and needs proper care so that skin problems and rashes can be prevented. Maintaining personal hygiene, cutting nails, having daily bath and wearing clean clothes is important. It is essential to follow proper hand washing techniques and children should be taught healthy ways to keep their skin clean.

Preventing infections is the best way, however, in case there are skin infections, it is necessary to seek medical advice and prevent their spread. Itching of skin can be managed with soothing moisturizing lotions. Anti-allergic medicines may be prescribed to control itching and pain. If symptoms worsen or persist for long, immediate medical help must be sought.

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