What Causes White Blotches On Hands & Is It Contagious?|Symptoms, Treatments for White Blotches On Hands

What Are White Blotches on Hands

Skin irregularities or discoloration at certain parts of the hands, especially the palms of the hands, that gives a white appearance to the skin surface in certain areas is referred to as white blotches on the hands. These white blotches may sometimes be accompanied by certain symptoms which may point towards an underlying cause of the condition.

The white blotches on the hands may disappear on their own in some time but if they do not then it should be checked by a dermatologist who based on the symptoms can identify the cause of the skin discoloration and provide the necessary treatment.

What Are The Causes Of White Blotches on Hands?

What Are The Causes Of White Blotches on Hands?

There can be numerous reasons as to why an individual gets white blotches on the hands. Allergic reaction for one is a common cause for this condition. Fungal infections like ringworms may also cause it. Environmental allergens and irritants are also known to cause this skin condition. Certain medical illnesses like syphilis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and hand, foot and mouth disease are also believed to cause White Blotches on the hands.

What Are The Symptoms Accompanying White Blotches on Hands?

The symptoms accompanied by white blotches on the hands vary depending on the underlying cause. These symptoms include skin texture changes like dryness, formation of bumps or blisters, or cracking of the skin in certain areas. In some medical conditions, along with blotchy hands the individual may have similar skin discoloration on the soles of the feet. Some people feel a general sense of malaise or even have fever accompanied by White Blotches on the hands.

How Are White Blotches On Hands Treated?

Before treatment, the physician will first identify a cause for the skin discoloration. This will be done by taking a small portion of the skin tissue from the blotchy skin and sending it to laboratory for analysis. A patch test may also be performed to determine possible allergies that may be causing the skin discoloration.

Once an underlying cause is identified, the physician will recommend the patient to avoid certain substances which may cause white blotches on the hands or may aggravate an existing condition. The physician will recommend both topical and oral agents for treatment of white blotches on the hands if they are caused by fungal infections like ringworms. Emphasis on proper hygiene will be given to prevent the spread of any viral, bacterial, or fungal infection that can cause white blotches on the hands.

Are White Blotches on the Hands Contagious?

White Blotches on the Hands is not contagious if they are caused by allergies to certain substances or exposure to environmental allergens or irritants. However, if the condition is caused by a viral or fungal infection then the virus or the fungi causing the condition may spread to other people who come in direct contact with the patient.