Arm and Elbow Injuries

There are many types of arm and elbow injuries suffered by athletes in various sports. Given below is a brief outline on some of the injuries to the arm and elbow such as elbow contusion, elbow dislocation, triceps strain and ulnar nerve injury. Also, there is a brief description about the various elbow supports and braces used in these injuries. To read more about these injuries and the rest of the arm and elbow injuries, please visit the complete ARM and ELBOW INJURIES topics listed on the left side menu which has all the information regarding the causes, symptoms, treatment along with stretching and strengthening exercises.

Elbow Contusion:

 Elbow Contusion

Also known as Bruised Elbow is a condition where there is injury to the tissues located above the elbow. The athlete feels pain, swelling, tenderness and restricted movement of the elbow. Direct trauma or force to the elbow is the common cause for this condition such as seen in bike accidents or playing hockey ball. Treatment comprises of rest, elevation, compression, medicines and wearing a sling. To know more about this condition, visit our "arm and elbow injuries" section on the left side menu.

Elbow Dislocation:

Elbow Dislocation

In this condition the radius and ulna, which are the bones that make up the forearm, get displaced, i.e. they are no longer in alignment with the humerus. Dislocation of the elbow is the second most common dislocation after the shoulder dislocation. As the elbow joint is extremely stable, it requires excessive trauma or force to dislocate it. The athlete experiences acute pain with bruising, swelling and deformity of the joint. Treatment comprises of rest, ice therapy, use of sling and rehab exercises.

Triceps Strain:

Tear or rupture of the Triceps Brachii muscle results in strain of the triceps. This injury does not occur commonly. The Triceps Brachii muscle is responsible for straightening or extending the elbow. The athlete experiences sudden pain, popping sensation, tenderness, swelling and bruising. Stretching or extending the Triceps Brachii muscle results in excruciating pain. This injury is not common and occurs when there is abrupt trauma or forceful extension of the elbow. Weightlifters are often affected by this condition. Treatment comprises of R.I.C.E therapy and gentle stretching and strengthening exercises.

Elbow Support:

There are various supports and braces which are used in treating injuries to the ligaments, joints and bones. Their function is to stabilize the injured joint thereby promoting the healing process. The type or kind of the supports and braces depend on the type and location of the injury. For example, the following types of braces are available for injury to the elbow joint: Tennis Elbow Brace or Epicondylitis Clasp, Padded Elbow Supports, Neoprene Elbow Supports etc. If you want to read in extensive detail regarding the various supports and braces available for elbow joint, then please go through the "arm and elbow injuries" section on the left side menu.

Ulnar Nerve Injury:

Ulnar Nerve Injury

Injury to the ulnar nerve due to trauma results in bruising near the surface of the skin, as the capillaries present around the ulnar nerve rupture and start bleeding and this blood infiltrates the ulnar nerve. A direct injury to the ulnar nerve may cause temporary or permanent damage. Symptoms experienced are tingling, numbness, weakness of the involved hand, pain, tenderness, swelling, loss of grip etc. Some of the causes of ulnar nerve injury are direct trauma, repeated strain, bony growths occurring in the ulnar groove. Athletes involved in contact sports, such as soccer, football, or rugby, are more prone to this injury. Treatment comprises or rest, cold therapy, splinting or casting, use of NSAIDs and exercise to strengthen and stretch the arm. Surgery may be required in cases where there is no resolution of pain.

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