Triceps Strain or Strained Triceps

A triceps strain occurs when the Triceps Brachii muscle gets torn or ruptured. The Triceps Brachii muscle is a large muscle which is located at the back of the upper arm. The function of this muscle is straightening or extending the elbow. Strained Triceps is an uncommon injury.

Triceps Strain or Strained Triceps

Symptoms of a Triceps Strain or Strained Triceps

  • Abrupt pain and a small popping sensation may be felt.
  • Pain is present in the posterior region of the upper arm or at the attachment points at the elbow or shoulder.
  • Pain upon elbow extension against resistance.
  • Stretching the triceps muscle produces pain and / or tension.
  • Tenderness to touch.
  • Mild swelling may be present.
  • Mild bruising may be present.

Symptoms of a Triceps Strain or Strained Triceps

Causes of a Triceps Strain or Strained Triceps

A sudden trauma or stretch to the muscle followed by instant pain. There may be a popping sound heard. Triceps muscle strain is an uncommon injury. It is seen in weight lifters or in individuals who are involved in sports where there is rapid and forceful elbow extension.

Triceps strain due to triceps muscle tear.

Treatment of a Triceps Strain or Strained Triceps

  • Rest should be taken from aggravating activities.
  • Ice therapy application helps in decreasing pain and swelling.
  • Compression bandage is also beneficial.
  • Patient should do gentle elbow movements daily in order to avoid stiffness of the muscles.
  • Once the pain subsides, the triceps muscle can be stretched.
  • Strengthening exercises can also be started with gentle resisted isometric elbow extension.

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