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Benefits Of Wrist Wrap For Bench Press, Powerlifting & CrossFit

Wrist wraps are sporting or exercising equipments that are worn around the wrist and their main purpose is to provide extra support to the wrist so as to avoid pain and injury during heavy weight lifting sessions, bench press or cross-fits. Read below to know more about the benefits of wrist wrap for bench press, powerlifting and cross fit.

What Are Wrist Wraps?

Wrist wraps are generally made of an elastic material that restrict the forward and backward movement of the wrist. They help the lifters to bend without immobilizing the joint totally. The extra support offered by the wrist wraps keep the wrist tight and secured, so as to keep the wrist straight under pressure and to reduce pressure pain. These wraps are used mainly by the power lifters, cross-fitters, and by people doing bench presses. Wrist wraps vary in length from 24 to 36 inches, in general.

Benefits Of Wrist Wraps For Bench Press, Powerlifting & CrossFit:

Using wrist wraps usually reduce the stress that your hands and wrists will have to pass through, while any weightlifting session. Moreover, they also allow you to train more frequently using heavier weights and they also encourage you to concentrate on specific muscles properly, during the workout and they also prevent injuries like Carpal Tunnel syndrome[1], Syndesmosis[2], Wrist strains and Tendinitis[4]. Let us take a look on some other benefits of wrist wraps, i.e. benefits of wrist wraps for bench press, powerlifting and cross fit.

Benefits Of Wrist Wraps For Bench Press:

The bench press works by moving the bar directly over the wrist and then the force is channelled directly into the bar itself, instead of the bent wrist. So, if you struggle keeping your wrist straight during the movement, then you can use wrist wraps during the bench press. The wrist will bend a bit naturally without the wrist wraps, however, too much can get painful, especially in case you have immobile wrists.

Benefits Of Wrist Wraps For Weighlifting

Benefits Of Wrist Wraps For Weighlifting:

Wrist wraps are also beneficial for weightlifters. They prevent the chances of injuries and also you feel more secure and comfortable lifting heavy weights. You need to choose those wrist wraps that offer amazing mobility, stability and comfort and also that will fit every budget.

Benefits Of Wrist Wraps For CrossFits:

Crossfit is a workout regimen, popular for its demanding exercies, where you have to do as many reps as you can in a short time period. They sometimes include deadlifts, snatches and shoulder presses. Crossfits involves an extension of the wrist and as they are repeated many times, they can cause joint pain, preventing you from performing the workout appropriately.

Now, what exactly are the benefits of wrist wraps for cross fits? Well! Wrist wraps are beneficial in cross fits because of the following reasons.

  • The hyperextension of the wrist, due to lifting is reduced as it keeps the wrist straighter.
  • Wrist wraps help in improving stabilization. They help you by assisting the wrist joint.
  • Moreover, the wrist wraps also help you the target muscles, without worrying about the grip falling first.
  • The wrist wraps helps you prevent from any type of injuries that involve joints and muscles.

Tips To Use Wrist Wraps:

Below are some of the tips that will help you get the most out of your training while using wrist wraps.

  • Make sure that you warm-up without the wrist wraps. Being dependent on the wrist wraps all the time, tends to limit your strength development in the wrist flexors and extensors.
  • Do not tie the wrist wraps too low; because the purpose of a wrist wrap is to support your wrist joint and if it is tied below the wrist joint, your wrist does not get any support. So, be sure that the wrist wrap covers the wrist joint enough so as to create support and prevent excessive extension of the wrist.

Be very sure that you are using the right kind of wrist wrap. There are two primary types of wrist wraps available in the market; the thinner and more flexible one and the thicker, Velcro-bound powerlifting-style wrist wraps that offer more support to the wrist. You need to choose the thinner wrist wraps if you are going for a max in your clean and jerk or snatch, as they provide you little more range of motion at the wrist. However, you need to choose the thicker wrist wraps if you are trying to max out a movement, such as shoulder press or bench press.


Though wrist wraps are really beneficial for bench press, weightlifting and cross fits, one must not rely on them all the time. Make sure that while working on your wrist strength and mobility, you should not wear the wrist wraps. Only wear them when the weights begin to get heavy or if you are doing a lot of reps in a row. It is also very much important for you to find out the right wrap for your wrist.


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