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Surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & its Recovery Time

Have you been experiencing numbness in your wrist, which is troublesome for you? If yes, then do check out this guide that can help you in managing the ailment, termed as carpal tunnel syndrome.[1] Carpal tunnel syndrome mainly compresses the nerves of the hands causing pain and numbness. While various treatment options are available, it is also important to know about carpal tunnel syndrome surgery, the recovery time and what to expect from this type of treatment.

Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome[2]

Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome usually includes applying ice packs to reduce inflammation, pain and swelling. Medicines like anti-inflammatories may be given to control pain and swelling associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. Rehabilitation and physical therapy exercises can help to a great extent in overcoming the challenges associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. However, if symptoms persists for long, surgical treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome may be required.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery

Carpal tunnel syndrome surgery can be beneficial in some chronic cases or in persons where the pain has been severe. The surgery for treating carpal tunnel syndrome is planned after proper evaluation by the physician and appropriate investigations to know the severity of the condition.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery

There are two ways in which carpal tunnel syndrome surgery can be carried out:

  • Endoscopic carpal tunnel release surgery[3]
  • Open tunnel carpal tunnel release surgery[4]

The choice of surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome depends on the severity of the condition and health of the person. Recovery time following surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome differs in both these options. Surgeons also perform mini-surgery treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome with very good results. These procedures are done with a small cut or incision in the wrist, which reduces the recovery time and fastens healing as compared to the other surgeries, but does need more research. The choice of such surgeries again depends on the person’s condition.

Recovery from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery

Recovery from carpal tunnel syndrome surgery depends on the type of surgery, post-surgical care, rehabilitation and the recommended rest. You need to be constantly in touch with your treating doctor or surgeon and follow the given treatment guidelines to ensure complete recovery.

The recovery time for carpal tunnel syndrome surgery largely depends on the choice of surgery.

  • The open surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome leaves a larger scar and the recovery period is also long. Although the chances of complications are less, the recovery time may be longer than in other surgical treatment options for carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • The endoscopic surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome typically leaves a smaller scars, which heal well in a short span and the recovery period is less painful. The recovery time is less in case of endoscopic surgeries for carpal tunnel syndrome but there is a possibility that it may increase the risk of further complications or there may be a need of another surgery later on.

What to Expect?

Recovering from carpal tunnel syndrome requires you to undergo a surgery that can fully heal you up. You can expect the carpal tunnel syndrome surgery to provide a full recovery only if the nerve tests are being done in a correct way. The results of these tests indicate the time and the level of healing that a person may experience. Test results indicate the degree and the level of the ailment that you are suffering from and that is what decides the recovery course of the action that you undertake.

Carpal tunnel syndrome surgery can deliver good results depending upon the severity of the condition and the choice of the surgery. If the surgery is major then you may take a bit longer time to work up to your current form of health. It is necessary to take the necessary precautions as suggested by your surgeon to expect complete recovery from carpal tunnel syndrome surgery.


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