6 Tabata Exercises For Beginners At Home


Are you dazzled by the thought to lose excess fat or keeping perfect shape by exercising for a short while? If yes, you should definitely think of Tabata exercise training as great means to maintain your health and weight while working out for only a few minutes a day.

What are Tabata Exercises?

The Tabata exercise training was developed by Izumi Tabata, Ph.D. Many people all over the world like Tabata interval workouts. Tabata exercise is 4 minutes of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), alternating between 20 seconds of max training followed by a 10-second interval rest for a total of 8 sets. These tabata workouts are fast-paced with fun and rapidly burn lots of calories.

Tabata exercises is known to be very effective in burning the fat, also preserves muscle tissue and helps to maintain a lean and fit body with only just as few as 4 minutes of tabata exercise a day. It helps to improve your stamina and keep your metabolic rate high.

The most important factor that one needs to bear in mind is that, although the Tabata workout is just only for a few minutes, it is really a breathtaking experience. So, do consult your doctor before beginning with Tabata workouts for your existing medical conditions while normal healthy people can start doing it!

How Beginners Can Do Tabata Exercises?

Tabata exercise beginners can do any exercise at high intensity and does not need any equipment either for it. If you have any equipments, then you can use them when you want to alternate, but otherwise simple exercises and floor workouts with your body is all you need to do as a beginner for Tabata exercise. There is nothing like an perfect Tabata exercise for beginners, one can just design themselves their own Tabata exercise session, based on the primary guidelines for tabata.

These tabata exercises should be combined in such a way that your heart rate remains high even at the end of 4 minutes Tabata exercise session. You will not get completely recover between the sets of Tabata workouts. You have to follow the 20:10 ratio of intense workout and rest time period; then you will be free to try many tabata exercises of your own choice.

The following Tabata exercises for beginners at home will give you marvelous results for weight loss that lasts longer!

Tabata Exercises For Beginners at Home Includes:

#1- Supermans Tabata execise

#2 – Leg Lift

#3 – Pelvic Rotation Tabata workout

#4 – Push-ups exercise

#5 – Crunches Tabata Exercise

#6 – Burpees exercise of Tabata

How Effective Is Tabata Exercise High Intensity Interval Training?

The principal idea of Tabata training comes from a group of Japanese researchers and particularly initiative taken by Dr. Izumi Tabata. These researchers from National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo researched on a study using two intensities of exercises for athletes.

Their research included moderate intensity level exercise training for one team and high intensity level exercise training for another team. The moderate intensity exercise training was for 6 weeks that included work out of 1 hour for 5 days a week in the first team. The second team of high intensity training was for 6 weeks that included a 4-minute workout with 20 seconds rest for 4 days in a week in the second team.

The research results of Tabata exercise showed that moderate intensity training team improved their aerobic system or cardiovascular, but did not have much effect on the anaerobic system or muscle. However, the high intensity interval training (HIIT) team showed higher increase in cardiovascular system and sufficient augmentation in the muscle system as well.