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This 3D video demonstrates What is Elbow Pain, its treatment options, and exercises for it.

Dealing with Elbow Pain?

Elbow joint is the most regularly and frequently used Joint during daily activities. Untreated chronic elbow pain can lead to tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow.

Chronic elbow pain causes forearm and upper arm muscle weakness because of restricted use. Joint stiffness becomes predominant if treatment is not initiated earlier. Joint stiffness occurs because of passive jointimmobilization toprevent occurrence of pain.

Elbow joint illness is often diagnosed earlier than any other joint illnesses because frequent use of the upper arm. Prognosis is better if treatment is initiated sooner as symptoms become predominant.



  • Local application of ice once or twice a day
  • Application of heat pack, once or twice a day
  • Medications- use ibuprofen or Naproxen for 5 to 7 days.
  • Goal is reduce the inflammation of epicondyle, tendon and muscles.

Rehabilitation is achieved by daily muscle strengthening exercise and joint movement. Daily rehab prevents joint stiffness, reduces acute pain and improves muscle strength.

  • Joint mobility exercises- rotation, extension and flexion of wrist and elbow joint.
  • Fingers resisted exerciseshelps to improve tone and power of hand and forearm muscles.
  • Pronation and supination of forearm improves muscle tone and elbow joint movement.
  • Increase the weight gradually in all the strengthening exercises as the movements become easier without increasing the frequency of exercise.


  • Certain repeated muscle and joint activities like continuous use of mobile phone, computer and repeated golf stroke causes pain in wrist and elbow. Maintain proper posture and change joint positioning while performing activities, which are often repeated.
  • The best way to prevent elbow pain is maintain strength, balance and flexibility of your muscles and joints of elbow. Focus on good posture and overall fitness.
  • Do regular stretching exercises for your forearm muscles.
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