Treating Nosebleeds or Epistaxis With Nasal Packing

  • Nosebleed or Epistaxis, is an acute bleeding of blood from the nostrils, nasal cavity or nasopharynx. It is a common complaint to the ER.
  • Physician can treat the nosebleeds or epistaxis with nasal packing.
  • A tiny nasal packing is utilized for the anterior nose bleeds where as a longer nasal packing is utilized for the deep inside bleeding.
  • Usually nasal packages contain an inflatable balloon with a syringe apparatus.
  • The inflatable balloon is hydrated by dipping in water.
  • Now, nasal packing is gradually inserted into the nose. Once inserted into the nose, balloon is inflated with the syringe apparatus provided with nasal package.
  • Enough amount of air is sent into the balloon so that the pressure exerted by the balloon exceeds the pressure of bleeding vessel.
  • This nasal packing is kept in inside the nose usually from 1 to 5 days as per the requirement of medical condition.
  • Once the nosebleed ceases, condition improved and the nasal packing is ready to be removed; the nasal packing is deflated with the syringe and then removed gradually and diligently.
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Last Modified On:August 29, 2019

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