7 Rehab Exercises For Dislocated Hip

7 Rehab Exercises for Dislocated Hip or Hip Dislocation

A dislocated hip is the term that is used to describe the displacement of the femoral head (thigh bone) from the hip joint; in essence it is when your hip is forced out of its socket in the hip bone (Pelvis). The symptoms of hip dislocation typically include disability move the hip, inflammation, and pain. This hip dislocation injury most commonly occurs during an motor vehicle collision, high-impact fall, sports or workplace injury, especially those that also result in a broken pelvis or leg.

#1 Passive Hip Circle Exercise for Dislocated Hip Rehabilitation

#2 Theraband Stretching

#3 Straight Leg Exercises

#4 Side lying Resisted Hip Abduction Exercise for Dislocated Hip Rehab

#5 Resistive Hip Abduction Exercise

#6 Upright Knee Raise Exercise for Dislocated Hip Rehabilitation

#7 Hip Flexion and Extension Exercise for Hip Dislocation Strengthening

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Last Modified On:August 29, 2019

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