Hip Bursitis or Trochanteric Bursitis Video: Treatment, Signs, Causes

The Bursae That Surround The Joint Of The Hip Include:

  • Trochanteric Bursa
  • Gluteus Medius Bursa
  • Iliopsoas Bursa
  • Ischial Bursa

However among all of the bursae, the most commonly affected one is the trochanteric bursa.

Trochanteric bursitis or Hip bursitis is very frequent among runners or athletes who participate in running-oriented sports.

Trochanteric Bursitis or Hip Bursitis Causes Include:

  • Traumatic bursitis
  • Overuse injuries
  • Over pronation
  • Weakness
  • Tightness
  • Bone spur

Signs and Symptoms Are:

  • Pain is experienced on outer side of the hip and also on pressing the hip.
  • Pain while performing activities like climbing stairs, getting out of a car and running.
  • Pain may also spread down the outer thigh.

Tests Conducted Are:

Ultrasound, Hip X-ray, MRI and CT scan.

Treatment for Trochanteric Bursitis or Hip Bursitis:

  • Cold therapy for reducing pain.
  • Anti-inflammatory medications such as Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Celebrex, Naproxen are used.
  • Fine needle aspiration of bursa to remove extra fluid from the affected region.
  • Corticosteroid injections where the medication is injected into the bursa which not only helps in reducing the inflammation but also alleviates the symptoms.

Physical Therapy (PT) for Trochanteric Bursitis or Hip Bursitis:

  • Electrotherapy like TENS and Ultrasound.
  • Soft tissue massage.
  • Joint mobilization.
  • Usage crutches, Hip orthotics.
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