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8 Kidney Damaging Habits that One Must Avoid

Kidneys of human beings play a major role to keep individuals’ body healthy by simply regulating the blood pressure and filtering out extra fluid and toxins from the blood. Hence, it is the prime responsibility of every human being to keep kidneys in healthy condition. Thus, with the help of this blog post, medical experts have revealed a few common habits to avoid, which may cause damage to the kidneys.

8 Kidney Damaging Habits that One Must Avoid

8 Kidney Damaging Habits that One Must Avoid

  1. Avoid Overuse of Painkillers

    Both over-the-counter medicines, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and prescribed medicines although alleviate the pains and aches of patients; but they may cause harm to the kidneys particularly when individuals already have kidney problems. Hence, it is very much essential to reduce the regular usage of inflammatory drugs and steroids, while at the same time, to avoid intake of more than recommended dosage.

  2. Avoid Diets with High Quantity of Salt

    Diets with high quantity of salt or sodium may increase the blood pressure and thereby, cause harm to the kidneys. Thus, you should flavor the foods with natural herbs and spices rather than intake of salt. With time, you may easily avoid usage of additional salt or sodium in your food.

  3. Avoid Consuming Processed Foods as It Can Have Damaging Effects on the Kidneys

    Processed food items come with relatively higher amounts of phosphorous and sodium. Most of the people suffering from kidney diseases require putting limit on the phosphorous in the diets. Some of the studies have highlighted that intake of phosphorous in high amounts from various processed food items are harmful for both bones and kidneys. Even high phosphorous intake may cause kidney problems even to those individuals, who do not have kidney problems in the past.

  4. Avoid Dehydration

    Staying fully hydrated helps kidneys to clear various toxins and sodium contents from one’s body. Drinking water in adequate amount is obviously the best way to avoid the problem of painful stones in kidney. Thus, it is very much essential to drink about 1.5 liters and 2 liters of water daily to keep kidneys in healthy condition.

  5. Avoid Insufficient Sleep Cycles

    Sleep and proper rest during nighttime is very much essential for good health and healthy kidneys. You should remember that sleep and wake cycle plays a major role to regulate the overall kidney function, which further coordinates the workload of kidneys for more than 24 hours or 1 day.

  6. Avoid Eating Meat in Excessive Amounts to Prevent Kidney Damage

    Proteins from animals generate acid in the human blood in huge amount, which may be harmful for kidneys and cause a severe condition, where kidneys fail to eliminate enough acid contents fast i.e. acidosis. Protein is very essential for proper growth, repair and upkeep of each body parts but one’s diet should remain well balanced with juicy fruits and green vegetables.

  7. Avoid Eating Sugary Foods in Excessive Amounts

    Sugar is a major contributor of obesity problem, which further increases the risk related to developing diabetes and high blood pressure problems i.e. two prime causes of kidney problems. Excluding desserts, sugar is present in some other drinks and food items, which individuals do not consider as sweet, such as breakfast cereals, condiments and white bread, all of which constitute sneaky sources associated with processed sugar. Hence, individuals should pay attention to each ingredient whenever they go to buy packaged goods, so that they can easily avoid additional sugar contents in their regular diet.

  8. Avoid Smoking and Drinking Excessively as It Can Damage Your Kidneys

    Individuals with a habit of smoking and drinking in an excessive amount may remain at huge risk to kidney problem in near future. For instance, heavy drinking regularly i.e. more than 4 drinks in one day boost the risk related to chronic kidney problems by about 2 times in humans.


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