Wilms tumor is a very rare type of cancer that is most commonly seen in children aged up to 5 years. It is the commonest type of kidney cancer seen in children.


Coping Methods For Wilms Tumour


Coping Methods For Wilms Tumour

Treatment for Wilms tumor may require frequent visits to the hospital. Do not let the atmosphere in the hospital intimidate you or your child. There are ways by which you and your child can cope up with the Wilms tumor, like -


  • Taking a favorite toy or book while going for a visit to the hospital can ensure that your child is not getting impatient or anxious while waiting for the appointment(1,2)
  • While a test or a treatment procedure is going on, try to stay with your child. Also, try to explain to him or her what is going to happen or what is being done in simpler, fun and easy to understand words(1,2)
  • While staying at the hospital in case of admittance, make sure to have some play time for your child. Usually, bigger hospitals have a playroom for small kids. Also, the playroom people are usually the hospital staff who are trained and equipped to handle any emergency conditions. However, you must also ensure that your child gets ample rest. If a visit to the playroom is not advised, you can ask the hospital to provide the child with some toys or books or play-material well within his or her room(1,2)
  • You can seek support for the hospital, staff, support groups who have people with similar problems as their members, and also from the parents of children who have been affected by Wilms tumor and have already completed a successful treatment regime.(1)
  • After getting back from the hospital, you need to keep a watch on the energy levels of your child. If the child feels well enough, encourage him or her to participate in various activities. However, if the child feels too tired, keep some time for ample rest as well(1)
  • Keeping a track of your child’s daily routine can come in handy at the time of any unforeseen emergencies. Noting down his or her energy levels, body temperature, sleeping patterns, medicines given, side effects, etc. can be helpful for your doctor in prescribing the correct treatment(1,2)
  • Try and make your child’s favorite foods. Due to procedures like chemotherapy and radiation therapy, it may so happen that your child may not feel like eating or feel nauseated. Make sure to compensate for inadequate solid foods with upping the liquid or fluid intake(1)
  • Make sure to check with your child’s dentist and make necessary arrangements before the treatment for Wilms tumor starts. Afterward, it is wise to talk to your doctor first before making any appointments with the dentist(1)
  • If your child is due for any vaccines, check with your doctor first. Cancer can weaken the immune system and so can the cancer treatment. Vaccines may pose an unwanted risk.(1)

If you have other children, make sure to sit and talk with them and clear the air. They are bound to notice some changes in their brother or sister, like hair loss, fewer energy levels, etc. tell your other children in a gentle yet explanatory way what is going on with their sibling and what they should and should not say. Try to pacify their concerns with simple yet assuring answers. Do not avoid their questions, as this will simply yield to even more questions being asked.(1)


Knowing that your child is affected by Wilms tumor can be quite overwhelming to process and difficult to accept. Your attitude and behavior can certainly impact your affected child and your other children as well. Knowing all that you can about coping methods may ease your worries a little and make you calmer and more composed while dealing with the situation.


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