How Long Will It Take To Recover From Wilms Tumour & How Long Do The Symptoms Last?

Wilms tumor is a very rare type of kidney cancer. It tends to occur chiefly in small children. It is also known by the name nephroblastoma. It is the commonest cancer occurring in kids. Its occurrence is most commonly seen in children aged 3 to 4 years and it becomes less common in occurrence after the children turn 5. Wilms tumor is generally seen in only one kidney. However, rarely it can be seen in both kidneys at the same time.(1)

How Long Will It Take To Recover From Wilms Tumour?

How Long Will It Take To Recover From Wilms Tumour?

The treatment for Wilms tumor may be an extensive one comprising of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc. the treatment rather depends upon the severity of the condition and the extent to which cancer has spread. Surgery may involve removing a part of the affected kidney, removing the affected kidney completely along with the tissue surrounding it or removing part or full of both kidneys. Surgery may be combined with chemotherapy. To kill those cancer cells that might have been left behind after the surgery. Radiation therapy may also be done depending upon the condition.(2)

As is with the treatment, so is with the recovery as well; the recovery from Wilms tumor will also depend upon the extent of the spread of cancer and the stage at which the treatment has begun. It also depends upon other factors like the age of the child and other medical conditions that he might be suffering from.

Usually, most children go into complete remission after successful completion of treatment. Remission indicates a complete absence of signs and symptoms of the implied disease or condition. However, some of them may experience a relapse. In case of relapse, there may be a need for continued chemotherapy or radiation therapy, again depending upon the severity of the condition at the time of relapse. Clinical trials may be helpful in cases of remission. They include experimenting with newer, safer and better drugs. However, they cannot guarantee a full recovery.(3)

How Long Do The Symptoms Of Wilms Tumour Last?

The symptoms of Wilms tumor may last till the treatment is successfully completed

In some instances, if there is a relapse, the signs and symptoms may return.

Usually, the symptoms may subside after the surgical removal of cancer. However, they may still be present in some mild forms and may need further treatment options like chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

The signs and symptoms in Wilms tumor differ from child to child. Some children may not even experience any symptoms. However, others may present with symptoms like-
A mass or a lump in the abdomen that can be palpable or felt

Swelling in abdomen

Pain in the abdomen

Some other signs and symptoms may include-

If you identify any signs or symptoms in your child that may be a cause for concern for you, it might be a time to make an appointment with your doctor. Wilms tumor is a very rare condition, and chances are more that the worrisome signs and symptoms could be totally for some other reasons or condition. Nevertheless, it is important to get your doubts addressed and a solution sought for.


Recovery from Wilms tumor will largely depend upon the extent of the spread of cancer and the time at which the treatment had been started. The symptoms of Wilms tumor may last as long as the treatment goes on, sometimes even after that. The earlier the diagnosis and onset of treatment, the better are the chances of complete recovery and remission.


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