What Causes Stomach Pain after Drinking Soda?

Soda and Stomach Pain

Everybody loves to have soft drinks, especially during the summer times. They help to soothe ourselves and keep down the heat. But these soft drinks are mostly made of soda or carbonated soda and some of them are not considered to be good for our health, as they can cause a series of health issues. Today we are going to see how they affect our stomachs and what causes stomach pain after drinking soda?

The Effect of Soda or Soft Drinks on our Stomach

The effects that come when soda or soft drinks are mixed with additives and other artificial coloring agents include the increase in the impact of the irritable bowel syndrome which can be indicated by certain other effects like gas and bloating and they also cause the release of CO2 gas in the body. This is because of the carbonation which increases the level of CO2 gas in our digestive system and thereby results in a series of dangers to the stomach, like pain in the stomach or cramps in the muscles of the stomach and also bloating or increase in the size of the abdomen which is a major cause of concern these days.

What Causes Stomach Pain after Drinking Soda?

What Causes Stomach Pain after Drinking Soda?

Let’s look at the certain reasons behind what causes stomach pain after drinking soda? A stomach pain occurs when the stomach is cramped or with the occurrence of irritable bowel syndrome or due to increased gas. So let’s find out how each of these can cause stomach pain.


We all have heard about diet sodas and we sometimes happen to get a feel that they are to help improve our health. This may be true in some cases, but not in all. Certain people have problems in digesting the diet soda which is said to contain an artificial sweetener, aspartame to which most people are allergic to. Aspartame present in diet sodas can cause stomach pain after drinking it. This aspartame is approved by the FDA and is safe for our health but those who are allergic to it may experience adverse conditions like vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramping and pain. It is sometimes better to avoid Aspartame after your first adverse experience with this sweetener as much experimentation has not been done with this.

Bloating and Gas Increase

The soda in your coke causes carbonation which results in effervescence which leads to the release of large amounts of the CO2 gas in our stomach. This may cause a feeling that our stomach is always full and it causes pain and a knotted feeling. The large release of this gas is caused when the carbohydrates that are undigested undergo reaction by the bacteria from our colon or those that comes from the air that we swallow. The soda we consume is thought to have air bubbles and these can cause sharp and severe cramps and pains in our stomach after consumption of it.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

A person suffering from IBS consumes soda then he’s going to experience diarrhea, constipation and stomach pain. This condition also hasn’t gone under the lens many times, but is a common occurrence that causes severe pain in the stomach and also cramping. So the person who is suffering from IBS should avoid soda drinks so that he/she escapes stomach pain which is felt after drinking soda.

The Health Impacts of Soda & Soft Drinks

Drinking soda that is mixed in juices and the likes has various health issues related to them. Actually, be informed that on their own, these soda waters have very little health impact as they are acidic. But this acidic property of theirs is countered by the saliva present in our mouths which neutralises them. But the actual effect of these comes only when they get mixed with certain other additives, mostly the artificial flavouring agents. The effects that come when they are mixed with these include the increase in the impact of the irritable bowel syndrome which can be indicated by certain other effects like gas and bloating and they also cause the release of CO2 gas in the body. The presence of sodium in most of these can be a problem for people who are advised to be low on sodium. They happen to decrease the density of bones in most of the older women who consume carbonated colas. When they are present in soft drinks, they actually cause the erosion of the enamel of the teeth. So these are the major impacts of soda and soft drinks on our health.

So these are the main reasons for occurrence of stomach pain after drinking soda. This may happen when the person consumes other gas forming foods too. So prevention is better than cure and it is better to avoid or restrict the amount of soda drinks which we consume.

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