Chronic and Acute Alcoholism & Its Effects on the Body Systems
The main types of alcoholism include acute and chronic alcoholism. Know what causes alcoholism and what are the effects of chronic and acute alcoholism on body systems.
Cocaine Addiction Rehabilitation & How to Manage Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms
Know the adverse effects of cocaine addiction, its rehabilitation, cocaine withdrawal symptoms and how to manage cocaine withdrawal symptoms. If cocaine addicted individuals are not treated in right time it may lead to death. Treatment and rehabilitation for cocaine addiction is actually a life-saving resolution. Cocaine addiction rehab is the effective residential choice for getting rid of cocaine addiction. Know the adverse effects of cocaine addiction, its rehabilitation, cocaine withdrawal symptoms and how to manage cocaine withdrawal symptoms.
Cocaine Addiction: Signs, Symptoms, Treatment, Health Effects of Cocaine & its Duration
Cocaine addiction can be defined as an innate urge of an individual to administer cocaine to deal with emotional, physical, psychological or financial distress. Know the signs, symptoms, and treatment of cocaine addiction also know the health effects of cocaine addiction and its duration.
Domestic Violence Rehabilitation Programs
The Domestic Violence Rehabilitation Programs are usually six months long rehab programs that are most effective in treating the domestic violence and abuse problems within a domestic setting. Learn about domestic violence rehabilitation program for abuser and victim.
Glue Sniffing Addiction: Effects, Symptoms, Treatment
Glue Sniffing is one of the ways that teenagers and adolescents have found to get high. Glue Sniffing Addiction can be quite detrimental to the health of the individual as it contains various toxic chemicals. Know the effects, symptoms, and treatment of glue sniffing addiction.
Health Benefits & Short and Long Terms Effects of Cannabis
Studies have shown that Cannabis is a magical herb and one of its forms, Marijuana has a number of health benefits that generally varies from one person to other. Cannabis has many positive health benefits when taken under medical supervision. Despite the positive benefits, the usage of cannabis must be limited and as less as possible to avoid the short and more importantly the long term health effects.
How Substance Addiction Leads to Psychosis & What is its Treatment?
Substance addiction and Psychosis are closely associated. When a person is strongly addicted to and dependent on drugs or certain substances like alcohol or medicine, and have been abusing them; or when a person is withdrawing from a serious dependency or addiction, Psychosis is often seen in that person. Know how substance addiction leads to psychosis and what are its treatment.
How to Overcome Drug Addiction on Your Own?
A lot of people are struggling with the problem of drug addiction. Most people give up on the way and continue using drugs as usual. This articles provides the steps towards overcoming drug addiction on your own.
LSD Abuse, its Symptoms, Effects and Rehab
Lysergic acid diethylamide or commonly called as LSD is one of the most broadly known hallucinogenic drug. LSD users when on high usually show various signs and symptoms of LSD abuse like seeing moving shapes, shivering, etc. As there are significant LSD withdrawal symptoms therefore treatment for LSD abuse is completely different than treatment of other drugs. Know the signs, symptoms, effects and treatment and rehab for LSD abuse.
Masturbation Addiction: Causes of Excessive Masturbation & Ways to Control it
Masturbation addiction may pose health risks too in some cases and use of abnormal or dangerous things to ensure satisfaction may be more troublesome. Know what is masturbation addiction, causes and ways to control excessive masturbation.
Rehabilitation for Marijuana Addicts
Rehabilitation for marijuana addicts is as much important as any other drug addiction rehabilitations. Use of marijuana over the years causes several psychological and neural disorders, which needs special treatments and rehabilitation.
Types, Causes of Domestic Violence & its Rehab
Though domestic violence is a serious problem of the society, the abusers, the victims as well as the society, often run away from dealing with it. This article helps you know the types of domestic violence, its causes and how is the rehab for domestic violence done.
What are Withdrawal Symptoms of Alcohol, Opiates, Marijuana, Nicotine, Cocaine
There are several factors that make withdrawal symptoms a hazy subject to gauge. While certain drugs like opiates, tranquilizers and alcohol cause physical withdrawal symptoms, others like ecstasy, cocaine and marijuana cause emotional withdrawal symptoms. Another uncertainty is the withdrawal pattern of each person. If a person feels less physical withdrawal symptoms, he/she may feel more emotional withdrawal symptoms than others.
What Happens in Alcohol Rehab & How to Choose the Right Rehab Center for Alcohol?
The importance of the alcohol rehabs or rehab centres for alcohol addiction is not clearly known to many. The primary aim for any person in the habit of consumption of alcohol is detoxification. This is the preliminary stage of treatment at a rehab centre for alcohol. Know what happens at alcohol rehab and how to choose the right rehab center for alcohol.
What Happens in the Drugs Rehabilitation Centre?
If the patient is found to be addicted to high dosage of drugs then he or she is referred to drugs rehabilitation centre which deals with the patients of addiction. Know what happens in the drugs rehabilitation center or how is the patient treated in drugs rehabilitation center.

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