What Happens in the Drugs Rehabilitation Centre?

One of the biggest causes of addiction is drugs. The addiction caused by the drugs is very harmful and deadly in nature. It is very quick that one gets addicted to drugs and it is very difficult to recover from the addiction. Recently there have been many ways in which a person addicted to drugs is taken care of and is helped to recover. Often if the patient is found to be addicted to high dosage of drugs then he or she is referred to drugs rehabilitation centre which deals with the patients of addiction.

What Happens in the Drugs Rehabilitation Centre?

Symptoms of Substance Abuse

The usual symptoms of a person being addicted to drugs is that he or she loses track of time, deteriorates his or her health, loses a lot of money, the nerves weaken and above all the person addicted gets hysteric when he or she is deprived of the dosage that he or she is used to taking. Drugs are smoked, breathed in as powdered forms or injected directly into the blood.

When Does the Patient Get Recommended to the Rehabilitation Centre?

Once you suspect that the addicted patient has fallen prey to some kind of drugs, he or she should immediately be taken to the medical experts. There are tests which will clearly prove the presence or absence of drugs in the patient’s system and also help recognise the kind of drugs the patient is taking. Then the doctors recommend the type of treatment the patient needs to go under to be saved from the addiction.

The patient gets referred to the drugs rehabilitation centre. The centre will take the patient in after questioning the patient and understanding his or her condition. Also the patient’s family has the right to prefer some kind of treatment centres over the others. Only after the thorough check up and queries the patient shall be admitted to the centre and the treatment shall begin.

What Happens in the Drugs Rehabilitation Centre or How is the Patient Treated in the Drug Rehabilitation Center?

The treatment in the drug rehabilitation center usually consists of 4 steps namely; taking in the patients, the detoxification or removing of the residual drugs in the system of the patients, therapy session of the patient and finally placing the patient is some environment where he or she feels normal again.

The First Stage of Treatment in Drug Rehabilitation Center

At the drug rehabilitation center you will first be kept in rooms where you be kept under proper supervision so that you do not get to escape the place or get hold of anything which will help you get addicted. In the first stage the patient will be in pain as the body desired for the drugs and causes severe hysteric actions due to the need. At this stage the drugs are also leaving your body. Some patients even have to bite on to something to bear the pain, you will also do under constant medication but mostly you are made to deal with the pain. This period is very tough for any addict. The doctors talk you through so that you can get calm. Sometimes medicines for calming the nerves are given. The period of this stage depends on the level of addiction that you in.

If you are acknowledged early to be an addict then the pain that you have to go through is for lesser time. If you have been an addict for a long time then this period seems to be never ending. The doctors and the therapists will make your mind strong so that you do not give up. You are also kept under constant surveillance because usually patients try and escape during this period of treatment or take wrong actions. Patients can also get violent towards the medical personals or other patients. According to the condition of the patient he or she is kept isolated.

The Second Stage Of Treatment in Drug Rehabilitation Center

Once the drugs are totally out of your system you get detoxified. The fresh blood in you replaces the old and affected blood. At this stage you can feel very weak and thus proper medicines kick in to keep you strong and healthy. Your diet is kept controlled because you have undergone a long change. With the help of the medicines your pain gets lesser and you slowly keep calming down. The therapy sessions also begin here. You are made to attend both personal and group therapies that will highlight the cons of being a drug addict. In the sessions you also get to learn about the experiences of others and how they are progressing and thus you develop a hope for yourself. In this way the drugs rehabilitation centre develops for you a bright environment and a positive mind set.

The Final Stage of the Treatment in Drug Rehabilitation Center

The final period in drug rehabilitation center comes when along with the therapy sessions you are made to join sports and you have to carry out daily exercises. In this way your health gets better. With the help of the therapy you will slowly realise that you can live without drugs, the reasons for you taking drugs shall also be discussed and shall be helped with. The sessions will not only deal with your problems and the addiction causes but will also help you prevent yourself from relapsing back in the grip of addiction. Sharing your experience and learning the experiences of others you will get a different outlook towards things that will help you realise your weakness and work on it so that you don’t fall back. Thus when you leave the rehab you shall feel like a new person.

Recovery Period at the Rehabilitation Centre

There can be several reasons for clinging onto drugs like loneliness, failure, peer pressure or ignorance. Early acknowledgement is an important part of the treatment and is necessary to make the addict get back to the normal life sooner. After studying your case you are then assigned to the session of the treatment that will fulfil your need for getting better. Substance abuse is a very common scenario for the youth of today and the treatment method for every patient is unique. If you are new to drugs you might not be admitted to the drugs rehabilitation centre and you get treated by therapeutic sessions and medicines. For a patient who has been diagnosed at an early stage usually a 30 day programme is designed to make the person sober again.

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:May 5, 2017

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