How Long Does an Allergic Reaction to Shrimp Last?

Allergic reaction to food is something quite common in a vast portion of the worldwide population. Amongst different food ingredients that cause allergy in many people, seafood is probably the most common one. However, there are many types of seafood that can be categorized separately and not all the different types of seafood may cause allergy to everyone. Some may be allergic to sea fish and some may be allergic to mollusc likes shrimps or lobsters. In fact, a person may be allergic to a certain sea fish when it is had in the fresh form and not have allergic reaction when had from the tin in the processed form.

So, it really cannot be determined as to how, when and who will have an allergic reaction to something. However, in most cases, those, who are allergic to shrimp, experience their allergic reaction within a few minutes of consuming shrimp. The latest that the reaction may happen is after two hours of consuming shrimp. In fact, if you have something that has come in contact with shrimps, but does not contain shrimp itself, may also cause allergic reaction.

How Long Does an Allergic Reaction to Shrimp Last?

How Long Does an Allergic Reaction to Shrimp Last?

Now the question is how long your allergic reaction to shrimp may last for. This is something that differs from person to person. Some may have the reaction for a few hours and then it subsides. On the other hand, some may have the reactions, hives and rashes continue for 7 to 10 days.

Like any other allergic reaction, allergic reaction to shrimp may also worsen with time for some people. In that case, the hives and rashes will last for longer than they usually did in previous situations.

In many cases, the allergic reaction to shrimp recurs after one to four hours of the previous reaction. This is called biphasic reaction or the second wave of allergic reaction. This may last for a longer period than the previous attack. In that case, the patient may be asked to be admitted in the hospital for observation purposes and to make sure that the condition does not worsen. The patient may require staying in the hospital for about 6 hours.

However, in usual cases, an allergic reaction to shrimp may last for a day or two. In rare occasions, it may continue for up to 9 to 10 weeks. It must be mentioned here that if the reaction lasts for more than a day or two and does not reduce in intensity or only worsen with time, you should not wait or delay and see the doctor at once. The doctor would give you medicines to cope with the symptoms. In emergency situations, if you feel like you are not being able to breathe or your airways are being blocked, call the medical emergency number and get admitted to the hospital.

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