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In Behcet's Disease, blood vessels in the body get inflamed resulting in development of a variety of symptoms including eye inflammation and skin rashes. The symptoms of Behcet's Disease varies from person to person. In some cases, the symptoms do tend to relapse and remit while in other cases they completely clear up by themselves.


Behcet's Disease is treated symptomatically and the main focus is on preventing any complications that may arise.


What causes Behcet's Disease is not known, studies suggest it to be an autoimmune disorder. Some studies suggest that certain environmental factors like viral or bacterial infection may activate the immune mechanism and may predispose the person to Behcet's Disease.


Is Behcet's Disease Contagious?

Is Behcet's Disease Contagious?

The symptoms of Behcet's Disease may be significantly variable and may differ from individual to individual but this condition is definitely not contagious. Since Behcet's Disease is believed to be an autoimmune disorder and bacterial and viral infection only increase the risk of an individual developing proves that Behcet's Disease cannot be transmitted from person to person contact.

Ulcers of the mouth and the genital area along with eye inflammation are the most prominent features of Behcet's Disease. Of all the features mentioned, inflammation of the eye is the most serious and if left untreated it can lead to permanent blindness.

In conclusion, Behcet's Disease is not contagious as is the case with bacterial and viral infections. These infections increase the risk of an individual developing the condition by activating the immune mechanism but Behcet's Disease in itself is not contagious as it is neither a viral nor a bacterial infection.

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