What Is The Prognosis For Behcet’s Disease?

About Behcet’s Disease

Behcet’s Disease which is also known by the name of Behcet’s Syndrome is a rare pathological condition characterized by inflammation of blood vessels throughout the body. This condition causes a variety of symptoms to include sores in the mouth, inflammation of the eyes, skin rashes. The symptoms are significantly variable and differ from individual to individual.

In some cases, the symptoms of Behcet’s Disease wax and wane while in some cases they go away by themselves. The treatment of Behcet’s Disease is directed at controlling the symptoms and prevents any potentially serious complications like complete blindness that may arise as a result of inflammation of the blood vessels caused by Behcet’s Disease.

The exact cause of Behcet’s Disease is still not known, although it is believed to be an autoimmune disorder. An autoimmune disorder is a medical condition in which the immune system of the body mistakenly attacks the healthy tissues and cells taking them for foreign bodies.

There are also certain genetic and environmental factors that may also predispose an individual to Behcet’s Disease. Variations in certain genes have also shown to increase the risk of development of Behcet’s Disease.

What Is The Prognosis For Behcet's Disease?

What Is The Prognosis Of Behcet’s Disease?

Behcet’s Disease is a chronic medical condition the symptoms of which tend to wax and wane irrespective of the treatments given to the affected individual. This is precisely why it is a challenge for many physicians to actually determine the efficacy of treatment.

In majority of the cases, the overall prognosis for an individual with Behcet’s Disease is quite good if the condition is diagnosed and treated early and any complications that may arise out of this condition is prevented.

However, an individual with this condition will have to deal with waxing and waning symptoms throughout life despite all the treatment options that are available for Behcet’s Disease but most patients live out a full life. But Regardless of treatment, Behçet’s disease may appear and disappear making it difficult to track the effectiveness of the treatment. Deaths can happen among very few patients with Behcet’s Disease which could be due to stroke, intestinal perforation, and aneurysms.

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