Is There A Cure For Graves’ Disease?

About Graves Disease

Graves Disease is a pathological condition caused by a dysfunctional immune system of the body which results in overproduction of thyroid hormones. This is perhaps the most common cause of hyperthyroidism, the medical term used for increased production of thyroid hormones. The symptoms of Graves Disease are significantly variable as increased production of thyroid hormones affects different parts of the organ system in the body resulting in compromised overall health and well being of the affected individual.

Females under the age of 40 tend to get affected by Graves Disease more than the normal population. The primary presenting features of Graves Disease are severe anxiety and irritability, fine tremor of the upper extremities.

An individual with Graves Disease will also have increased sensitivity to heat, unintentional weight loss, thyroid enlargement, decreased libido, bowel dysfunction, and persistent fatigue.

Is There A Cure For Graves' Disease?

Is There A Cure For Graves’ Disease?

As of now, there is no definite cure for Graves Disease, although the symptoms and the complications that arise out of this condition can definitely be controlled by the treatment options available. Taking antithyroid medications, treatment with radioactive iodine, and surgical procedure to remove the entire thyroid are the three primary modes of treating Graves Disease.

The treatments mentioned above will restore the thyroid hormone levels to normal and the disease condition will go into remission but the thyroid antibodies will always be present and there will always be a chance of a relapse of Graves Disease despite the treatment options available to treat a condition like Graves Disease. In some cases, these thyroid antibodies go away with treatment but there is a tendency for these antibodies to return causing a relapse of Graves Disease.

In conclusion, there is no permanent cure for Graves Disease, although treatment options are available for symptomatic treatment of this condition. Surgery to remove the thyroid entirely may treat the condition entirely and bring the thyroid levels back to normal, although the thyroid antibodies which are the primary cause of Graves Disease still remain and thus there is always a chance despite treatment of a relapse of Graves Disease.

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