Can Vitamin D Deficiency Cause Back Pain

Chronic back pain is a condition where you continuously keep visiting doctors and it may sometimes make you feel really defeated in life. Back pain may be at times so hard to resist that it might be really difficult to perform the simplest activities of day to day life. Now, what might be the cause of such back pain? Can Vitamin D deficiency be one of the causes? Here we shall take a look on if vitamin D deficiency cause back pain.

Can Vitamin D Deficiency Cause Back Pain?

Can Vitamin D Deficiency Cause Back Pain?

Vitamin D is highly essential for our body and it plays a crucial role in strengthening the bones and the joints.(1) Vitamin D actually aids our body to absorb calcium, which is primarily responsible for healthy bones and joints. So, without enough Vitamin D in our body, it becomes difficult to absorb calcium and thus our body doesn’t get enough calcium. This in turn leads to weak bones, which further leads to bone pain, joint pain, or musculoskeletal pain.

It is also found from studies that lack of vitamin D and calcium causes Osteoporosis. Moreover, in a recent review of clinical research it was found that individuals with chronic musculoskeletal back pain always had lower levels of vitamin D. This clearly shows that lack of vitamin D or a vitamin D deficiency may cause back pain.(2)

However, it does not mean that you have to stand on the sun and receive enough of vitamin D from it to cure your back pain. You can reduce the back pain by taking Vitamin D supplements as prescribed by your doctor if the root cause of your back pain is Vitamin D Deficiency.

So, you need to talk to your doctor in case of severe back pain and take the prescribed pain medications and perform the prescribed physical therapy exercises to reduce the symptoms of back pain.


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