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Effects of Osteoporosis & Can it be Reversed?

Physical Effects of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis effects can be severe as your bones become weaker and brittle in this condition.1 Patients with osteoporosis also suffer from muscle atrophy as well which makes any type of movement very difficult. Osteoporosis affects the bones in the following ways:

  • Back pain.
  • Bone thinning.
  • Bones will lose density over time and become brittle.
  • Porous bones which are prone to breakage from sneezing and minor bumps.
  • Loss of height.
  • Deformed and stooped posture.
  • Fractures of vertebra.
  • Poor vision.
  • Poor balance of the body.

Other conditions may also affect you in which you will not be able to walk in a proper way.

Physical Effects of Osteoporosis

Mental Effects of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis has major effects on mental health as well which can get deciphered in the following ways:

  • Depression.2
  • Low self-esteem due to constant suffering from pain.

Are There Ways to Reverse Osteoporosis?

We see how bone health is severely affected from Osteoporosis; and there are many precautions you need to take in this condition. Our bone health is determined by bone mass formation that is developed in our 20’s and 30’s. This bone mass has to be protected so that it is not lost at a later stage which is possible through many ways.
Yes, reversing osteoporosis is possible through certain measures, which can easily compensate the problems you are suffering from.3 The steps to be taken for reversing Osteoporosis are not that tough and you need to follow them diligently.

9 Ways Through Which Osteoporosis Can Be Reversed

  1. Good Diet for Reversing Osteoporosis: When you are eating a diet that is rich in nutrition, your bones will be well-equipped to withstand the effects of aging. Eat food, which helps in making your bones stronger, and for that, a diet rich in protein and calcium helps. You need to understand that if the food you eat is rich in protein then your bones will be protected from any sort of wear and tear. You also need to eat foods, which are rich in calcium as it helps in preventing the loss of bone density. However, understand that with aging, protein will be more helpful instead of calcium.
  2. Walking for Reversing Osteoporosis: Walking ensures that your bones are aligned properly. When you include walking as a regular part of your daily regime, you will strengthen your bones and suffer less from spondylitis. This is often seen as a part of forerunner of osteoporosis. Therefore, you need to understand which physical activity will help in delaying bone weakening.
  3. Yoga for Reversing Osteoporosis: Yoga helps in making your body flexible, which can keep your bones healthier. When you have a flexible body, there are lesser chances that you will suffer from any jerks that can harm the ligaments, bones and joints.
  4. Weight Training for Reversing Osteoporosis: Weight training is highly recommended for reversing and preventing Osteoporosis; because as you age, you cannot delay bone related weakness. Weight training helps in strengthening of bones along with increasing your bone density. You should remember that when you are into this form of strenuous exercise, a diet rich in nutrition helps in saving your bones from further weakening.
  5. Hormone Therapies for Reversing Osteoporosis: Hormone therapies and balancing them helps a lot. With age, both men and women suffer from some sort of bone issues, which is often a result of hormonal imbalance or any decrease in hormones as seen in women going through menopause. So, hormone replacement therapies do help in reversing osteoporosis and preventing further bone loss.
  6. Vitamin D for Reversing Osteoporosis: Vitamin D also helps a lot in saving your bones. During the times when there is inadequate availability of vitamin D, your bone health will get deteriorated. Therefore, to save you from this problem, be regular in exposing yourself to sunlight and take Vitamin D supplements as recommended by the doctor.
  7. Decrease your Salt Intake for Reversing Osteoporosis: Decreasing salt intake is important, as this is considered to be a major reason for weakening of bones. When you reduce salt in your diet, you will feel better and bone strength does not deplete. When you have high calcium intake, low salt diet needs to be taken. Salt expels most of the calcium from your body through urine. Therefore, sodium intake has to be kept low or balanced.
  8. Avoid Frizzy Drinks for Reversing Osteoporosis: Frizzy drinks will again weaken your bones and need to be avoided. Carbonated drinks are high in phosphate, which is a major cause for calcium loss in a massive way.
  9. Combat Stress for Reversing Osteoporosis: Stress is also seen to be a major cause for weakening of bones thus leading to osteoporosis. You can take up meditation and tai-chi which has a profound effect on the way your bones are kept intact. So, you need to keep these things in your mind for saving yourself from any adverse effects of osteoporosis.

Reversing osteoporosis is possible only with the help of what is suggested above; therefore, you should follow the above points diligently. Following a healthy and proper lifestyle surely helps but that has to be balanced as well. Protein and calcium has to be taken in balance so that no associated risks are felt at a later stage.

There are other precautionary measures that you need to undertake such as being watchful of the level of protein in your diet. When you are having high level of protein diet, you will suffer acidity, which affects digestion. When you have a weak digestion, stomach acids will increase thereby making it tough for the body to absorb minerals and nutrients from food and increasing the risk of osteoporosis. Taking up exercises, such as walking, swimming so on helps a lot in strengthening your bones and preventing osteoporosis.

You should also take undergo medical check-ups regularly so that no problems are encountered in terms of bone loss. Medications are available so that you can save yourself from the problems related with osteoporosis.


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