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How To Prevent Brain Metastases?

Brain metastases refer to the last stage in the progression of cancer. These are cancer cells spreading to one’s brain from the primary tumor presents in other body organs. These tumors are few of the common mass lesions present in the human brain. Traditional treatment options to reduce the symptoms of brain metastases have minimal efficacy and survival of the patient depends on the duration, up to his/her is experiencing the problem.1

Incidence associated with brain metastases problem is consistently increasing with the increase in systemic disease management and survival prolongation. Reason for this is that target therapies and treatment procedures responsible to control systemic problems possess diminished efficacy against lesions present in the human brain.

How To Prevent Brain Metastases?

How To Prevent Brain Metastases?

Animal Models to Analyze Brain Metastases

With the aim to analyze important methods to prevent brain metastases or reduce its symptoms, experts have conducted study on brain metastasis-based animal models. These include-

  • Insights related to the cascading of brain metastasis
  • Dissemination of component cells present in metastasis from the patient’s primary tumor
  • Intravasation within blood circulation
  • Passive or active migration towards the targeted body organ
  • Microenvironment expansion within the brain
  • Endothelium attachment
  • Capillary bed embed form
  • Extravasation via BBB i.e. Blood brain barrier.2

Metastatic cancer cells contact with endothelial cells of micro vascular area once they arrest in the brain circulation’s capillary bed. The entire procedure promotes the invasion and growth of cancer cells.3

Strategies To Prevent Brain Metastases And Brain Tumors5, 6

Based on key aspects, including the animal model about metastasis, we should say that you have to follow a few common habits to prevent your brain metastases and/or tumors to spread.

Strategy 1- Get Adequate Sleep As You Can To Prevent Brain Metastases

Getting sleep for adequate numbers of hours is very much essential for your survival and your healthy brain. You should keep in mind that glymphatic system i.e. a detoxification pathway is responsible to remove toxic waste products, which accumulate naturally during the daytime. The system shows active result during the nighttime and allows your brain’s mitochondria to flush out various toxins with the help of cerebrospinal fluid.

When you fail to sleep for required numbers of hours, sleep deprivation may hinder your natural function of glymphatic system and in turn, affect your cognitive function. Sleeping for adequate numbers of hours is especially important among patients undergone with chemotherapy, as it allows repairing of damaged cells and restoration of tissues.

Strategy 2- Consumption Of Cancer Fighting Nutrients To Prevent Brain Metastases

Consumption of a diet rich in various cancer fighting nutrients or phyto-nutrients is very much essential to prevent brain metastasis. Veggies and essential herbs nourish the human brain with antioxidants to put a limit on cellular damage caused due to scavenging free radicals.

In addition, cancer-fighting nutrients play major role to reduce inflammation in the human brain and to deactivate brain tumor-based communication signals. Particularly, turmeric, dark and green leafy veggies, oregano, thyme, basil and green tea incorporate each of the powerful and effective cancer fighting properties to deal with brain metastases condition.4

Strategy 3- Restriction on Your Calorie Intake To Prevent Brain Metastases

Restriction on calorie intake reduces your inflammation and inhibits the proliferation of cancer cells to prevent brain metastases and to produce the essential ketones for fueling neurons.

Strategy 4- To Prevent Brain Metastases Practice Stress Reduction Techniques

Practicing the essential stress reduction techniques, like meditation, yoga and simple breathing exercises play a major role to reduce your stress and thereby, help you to manage your symptoms related to brain metastases.

Strategy 5- To Prevent Brain Metastases Breathe or Inhale Frankincense Oil

Medical history has revealed that inflammation due to swelling in the human brain is the prime reason related to death of patients because of brain metastases or brain tumor. However, you may reverse this situation via breathing or inhalation of frankincense oil. When patients administered frankincense extract oil before undergoing for the surgery, they experienced relatively less accumulation of fluid or swelling both during and after their brain metastases treatment.4 In addition, most of the patients have exhibited relatively less number of symptoms related to further damage or complication.


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