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Alternative Treatment For Neuroblastoma & Is It A Disease?

Neuroblastoma is a childhood cancer that advances from immature nerve cells found in several body parts. When a patient is diagnosed with neuroblastoma, the healthcare provider will try to identify if it has spread, and if so, how far. This is the third most common childhood cancer in the central nervous system.

Neuroblastoma generally begins during early childhood often noticed in children who are 5 years or younger. It usually occurs before the age of two and affects around two dozen children per year in Sweden and around 800 in the US. Clinical studies state that the disorder occurs before birth however they are diagnosed only as they grow. The disease apparently grows and start producing symptoms. By the time it is diagnosed, the cancer spreads to the lymph, nodes, skin, and liver.

Alternative Treatment For Neuroblastoma

Current treatments of neuroblastoma are intense and have severe side effects, and for many of the patients, the prognosis is poor. A statistical study was conducted on the patients, who had aggressive cases of this condition, the reports showed that only a minority survived. So these populations desperately looked forward to alternative treatments that provide better results.

Some of the most common types of treatment used for neuroblastoma include

However, when you look for alternative means, Ayurveda herbs and medicines are getting popular across the planet in the current era.

Ayurvedic Concepts For Neuroblastoma

Ayurveda is not just only about treating diseases instead it is all about leading a healthy life in a physical, emotional and divine level. As per Ayurvedic concept, Vata dosha is accountable for cell division. When there is a change or transformation in this dosha, it most likely results in the proliferation of cells.

Ayurvedic And Herbal Remedies For Neuroblastoma

Ayurveda is a huge planet and it comprises of a multitude of herbal medicines that have the potential to manage and control cancer. They help in improving the prognosis and therapeutic reactions in neuroblastoma. In addition, it also helps to prevent the cancerous cells from spreading to other parts of the body. Herbal medicines have the capacity to purify the blood and helps in the detoxification of the toxins responsible for cancer. Let us see a few of the herbal medications for treating this condition

Herbal Supplement Capsules- Most of the herbal supplements are pure extraction of natural and organic herbs. These supplements have antioxidant properties and are beneficial in maintaining the healthy growth of cells and tissues.

Ayurveda Capsules-They has great medicinal characteristics and maintains the healthy immune system besides supporting a healthy structure of cells and tissues. They are very effective in treating the nodules, tumors and extra growth of cells.(4)

Is Neuroblastoma A Progressive Disease?

Progressive/recurrent neuroblastoma continues to grow even during treatment. However, recurrent neuroblastoma reoccurs after the condition has been treated (disease recurrence despite cancer treatment). In the latter cases, cancer reappears either in the same region or in other parts of the body. When the child is diagnosed with low-risk neuroblastoma, the survival rate is much higher (95 percent chances of leading normal lifestyle), however, when they are identified with high-risk neuroblastoma, the survival rate is only 40-50%.

The clinical behavior of neuroblastoma is extremely inconstant, with some tumors being easily curable, but the majority being very aggressive. Such cases require intensive induction chemotherapy followed by high-dose chemotherapy with autologous stem cell transplantation, external beam radiation therapy, and immunotherapy. Although these treatments bring in positive outcomes in the high-risk neuroblastoma yet the rate of disease recurrence is much higher.(1,2)


Trials are carried based on past studies and new clinical tests are continuously tried on the patients. Each trial answers certain scientific questions and tries better ways to help cancer patients.


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