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Can Dark Circles Under Eyes Mean Cancer?

In most cases, the causes of dark circles are mild such as allergic reactions, eye strain, and fatigue or sleep deprivation. But in rare cases, dark circles may be the symptoms of a serious underlying condition such as cancer.

Dark circles mean causing dark shadow under the eye eyelids. It is a common problem of the man and woman. The dark circles also caused in the children because of family history. With the age, the skin becomes thinner and the visibility of the blood vessels is increased under the eyes and making the area around the eyes darker. Dark circles are not necessary but in the case of sleep deprivation, tiredness, weakness and fatigue the dark circles are caused. The fluid imbalance in the body also a region of the causes of dark circles1.

Can Dark Circles Under Eyes Mean Cancer?

Can Dark Circles Under Eyes Mean Cancer?

Neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma is a type of cancer commonly found in children. Neuroblastoma occurs due to the conversion of immature nerve cells to malignant cells. During neuroblastoma, some sign and symptoms occur such as weight loss, fatigue, and loss of appetite, diarrhea, and tiredness in the patients. Because of tiredness, weight loss, and fatigue, the dark shadow under the eyes occurs4.

Metastatic Cancer: Metastatic cancer is cancer that is not originated from the affected organ rather it has spread to a particular organ. When cancer metastasizes in the area surrounding eyes, it may lead to dark circles around the eyes5.

Liver Cancer. The dark circle under the eyes and increase in the size of the abdomen is the common symptoms of liver cancer.

Dark Circle Causing Diseases

Kidney Failure. In condition related to damage of the kidney, the kidney does not filter the body fluid properly. When blood has not filtered, the presence of the toxic impurities increases. Increase in toxins in the blood may lead to water retention, which may lead to dark circles

Anemia. Anemia is caused by the deficiency of the iron in the body. Iron deficiency leads to reduced hemoglobin concentration. Reduced hemoglobin affects the body in two ways. It may reduce the intensity of the color of blood and also the supply of oxygen gets reduced.

Fatigue is caused by the deficiency of the iron, folic acid, and vitamin B12 in the body. A person with the fatigue feels overtired and weak leading to mental and physical illness. Because of weakness and tiredness in the body, the blood vessels under the eyes are visible and the skin becomes darker.

Physiology Of Dark Circles

Poor Circulation Of Blood: Sometimes the oxygenated blood does not reach in the blood vessels. When capillaries pool the deoxygenated blood in the blood vessels the result is fragility and damage of blood vessels leading to dark bluish patches under the eyes. The dark bluish patches under the eyes may appear as dark circles2.

High Intake Of Salt And Caffeine: When a person intakes high volume of salt and caffeine in their daily meal, it leads to water retention inside the body. It also causes the eyes to get aggravated and skin below the eyes may become darker3.

Spending More Time On The Screen: When the screen of mobile, Television of computer is constantly stared, the screen light put a lot of stress on the blood vessels of the eyelids and the size of the blood vessels increase. According to a study when the size of the blood vessels is increased then cause darker the skin around the eyes.

Because Of Family History: Family history of dark circles may also lead to the conditions in progeny. The dark circles appear in the child and may get worse with the age because of the loss of subcutaneous fat.


Cancer may characterize itself in the form of dark circles. Kidney cancer and liver cancer may lead to dark circles. Cancer, when metastasizes may also cause dark circles.


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