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Are There Any Natural Ways To Treat Myelodysplastic Syndrome?

Myelodysplastic syndrome is a disease that affects the bone marrow and the blood. In this disease, the genetic material known as DNA present in the stem cells is damages and hence the stem cells do develop into mature blood cells. Myelodysplastic syndrome can either be primary or secondary. Primary is when the cause of the disease is not known. Secondary means that the disease results to some other reason. Treatment related myelodysplastic syndrome is the commonest cause.

The severity of this disease varies person to person. The treatment options are chosen according to the severity of the disease. The life expectancy of these patients is not specific. The average life expectancy is calculated with the help of a scoring system named IPSS (International Prognosis Scoring System).

Are There Any Natural Ways To Treat Myelodysplastic Syndrome?

There are no natural ways that can guarantee the cure of myelodysplastic syndrome but there are some natural ways and home remedies that can help in betterment of the patient. Using some natural ways can really help in reducing the severity and progress of symptoms of the disease and making life easier for the patient.

Decrease The Amount Of Processed Foods In The Diet And Increase The Amount Of Healthy Foods In Diet. You must eat a lot of vegetables, grains, fruits and legumes in the diet. Eating these food items will help in increasing the amount of vitamins and minerals in the body. Also the amount of fiber and protein are increased. Unprocessed grains must be eaten.

Food Items To Be Avoided. The food items that are rich in energy and are processed must be avoided. Starchy food items, refined foods, foods preserved with salt and those that are salty must also be avoided. There is sodium in the salt and in this disease; sodium consumption must be kept under 2400 mg per day. Junk food or fast foods must also be avoided as far as possible.

Facts On Beverages. The only drink the myelodysplastic syndrome patient must have in plenty of amounts is water. At least 2-3 liters of water must be consumed every single day. Drinks that are caffeinated must be avoided. Drinks high in sugars like sodas and juices of fruits must also be stopped.

Things To Keep In Mind About Diet In Case Of Neutropenia (Low White Blood Cells In The Blood). When the myelodysplastic syndrome patient has neutropenia, special rules must be followed because patients with neutropenia have high chances of infection. Eating certain food items can cause infection to the patient. The patient must not be given cheese in such cases. Only pasteurized drinks must be consumed because all the germs in that are killed. Pay attention that the patient does not eat food from public places like restaurants, buffets, etc. Avoid eating raw sprouts. Raw fruits and vegetables must be peeled properly before consuming. (2)

Facts On Bone Marrow Aspiration In Myelodysplastic Syndrome

Bone marrow aspiration is a process by which bone marrow along with blood and also a tiny piece of bone is removed from the bone. This is done with the help of a needle that is hollow on it inside. Usually the sample is taken either from breastbone or the hipbone. These three samples of blood, bone marrow and bone are viewed and examined under the microscope to look for the presence of abnormal cells.

After the sample collection is done, the following tests are performed on the samples collected:

Flow Cytometry. This is a type of lab test in which the number of cells in the sample, characteristics of cells like size, shape, evidence of any tumor markers on the surface of the cells and also the numbers of cells that are live are examined. A specific dye that is light sensitive is used to stain the cells and then the cells are viewed by passing a bean of laser light through the cells.

Immunochemistry. In this test, the presence of certain antigens in the bone marrow is examined with the help of antibodies. This test is useful to distinguish between leukemia, myelodysplastic syndrome, etc.

Immunophenotyping. In this test, specific types of cells are looked for to make a final diagnosis of myelodysplastic syndrome. The identification is made on the basis of types of markers or antigens seen on the cell surface.

FISH (Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization). Using this lab test, the genes and chromosomes that maybe present in the cells and tissues of the bone marrow can be looked for. (1)


Using some easy natural ways, the life of patients with myelodysplastic syndrome can be made easier. There are certain basic things that need to be looked after and they are proper diet, avoidance of caffeine, avoidance of salty foods, etc. and using these basic rules can help a lot in betterment of the patient. Along with proper medical treatment, these things should also be looked after.


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