What is Breast Contusion?

Breast contusion is nothing, but bruising of the breast tissue, which occurs as a result of injury or a direct impact to the area of the breast.

What are the Causes of Breast Contusion or Bruise on Breast?

Some of the common causes of breast contusion or bruise on breast are:

  • Hitting something or bumping into something hard can cause breast contusion.
  • The use of a breast pump can also cause breast contusion.
  • Getting hit or elbowed when playing sports can lead to development of bruises on the breast.
  • Repetitive movement of the breasts, such as running or jogging without wearing a supportive bra can result in bruises on the breasts.
  • Falling and landing on the breast can cause breast contusion.
  • Wearing tight fitting clothing very often can also produce bruises on the breasts.

What are the Symptoms of Breast Contusion or Bruise on Breast?

  • Patient experiences pain at the point of impact and feels tenderness later on in the area of breast contusion.
  • There is appearance of bruises on the breast where the patient was hit.
  • There also may be swelling on the breast.
  • Along with bruises on the breast, there can also be fat necrosis due to the damaged breast tissue.
  • Hematoma can also develop at the point of impact along with bruises on the breast.

How is Breast Contusion or Bruise on Breast Treated?

Treatment of a breast contusion can be done by using ice therapy or application of cold compresses to the bruise on the breast. This will help in relieving inflammation, pain and swelling in the breast.

  • Medications, such as NSAIDs, can be given to relieve pain, inflammation and swelling from the breast contusion.
  • It is also important to support the affected breast.
  • If the severity of breast contusion is more, then the fluid in the bruised area may need to be aspirated.
  • It is important to wear a sports bra with padding or a plastic cupped bra when engaging in sports or any rigorous physical activity.

Can Breast Contusion Lead to Breast Cancer?

It is thought that breast contusion or trauma/injury to the breast can lead to formation of benign breast lump or cancer. However, this is not true. There is no proven link between the breast injury/contusion and breast cancer.

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