Burning Sensation In Breast: Causes, Ways to Get Rid of it

Burning Sensation In Breast

Any symptom affecting your breasts must be paid special attention. Usually women at times may face a kind of burning sensation in breast; which must be taken seriously. Breasts consist of glandular tissues, fat tissues, blood vessels, nerves, connective tissues and lymph nodes. Any of these tissues in the breast may be affected and may lead to unexplained pain and symptoms of burning sensation too. There are a lot of causes for burning sensation in breast. It is very much true that you need to have a medical consultation once you experience burning sensation in breast. Read below and know about some of the causes and ways to get rid of burning sensation in breast.

What Causes Burning Sensation In Breast?

What Causes Burning Sensation In Breast?

Burning sensation in breasts can be described as a burning or “on-fire” sensation of various degrees of intensity. Most patients feel this condition to be very much uneasy and uncomfortable, until the source of discomfort or the cause of burning sensation has been known. There are a lot of causes for burning sensation in breast, which may range from benign to even life threatening. It is thus essential that any unexplained breast pain must be diagnosed by an expert medical professional and treated accordingly. Below are some of the causes to be noted down.

  1. Mastitis Or Breast Infection As A Cause Of Burning Sensation In Breasts:

    Mastitis or common breast infection can be one of the most common causes of burning sensation in breast. This condition generally occurs in breastfeeding mothers, because suckling can cause a damage to the skin around the nipples in the breast, which allows the bacterial entry inside. Burning sensation due to mastitis increases when babies are breast feeding. Burning sensation along with pain is also accompanied by symptoms like swelling, redness and fever.

  2. Breast Cyst:

    Burning sensation can also be due to breast cysts. Breast cysts are pockets within your breast, which are filled with fluids. They are usually non cancerous or benign. You can have more than one cyst in the breasts. They are rounded lumps with clear edges. Tenderness or breast pain in the lump area, may be symptoms associated with this condition.

  3. IBC or Inflammatory Breast Cancer:

    IBC or Inflammatory breast cancer can also be a cause of burning sensation in breasts. It is a rare type of cancer that accounts only 5% of breast cancer. Individuals who develop this form of breast cancer experience a swelling of breast, because of obstruction in the flow of lymphatic fluid in the lymph vessels of their breasts. Apart from swelling, the breast gets inflamed, which may lead to redness and burning sensation in the breast. It must be mentioned that breast cancer generally progresses rapidly and patients develop the symptoms in a few weeks of times. It is essential for the individuals experiencing burning sensation in breast along with swelling, to seek immediate medical attention and go for the necessary treatments.

  4. Neuropathy:

    Nerve damage, or neuropathy may also cause burning sensation in breasts. This may develop because of several factors, including uncontrolled diabetes, chemotherapy and abnormal nerve function. Numbness and a tingling sensation in the breast can also be some other symptoms of neuropathy. Medications, pain relievers can slow down or reduce nerve damage or some lifestyle changes may be helpful.

  5. Fluctuation In Hormones:

    Hormonal fluctuations, during menstrual cycle, during pregnancy, etc, can also cause burning sensation in breast. The fluctuations in hormone may also be accompanied by the appearance of cyst and benign growth in your breast, which may cause the burning sensation before menstruation.

  6. Clogged Milk Duct:

    Clogged milk ducts are also one reason that can cause burning sensation in breasts. A breastfeeding women, may generally notice a red lump in the breast often accompanied by tenderness and a kind of burning sensation. Such a condition develops when the milk does not drain sufficiently from the milk ducts. Clogged ducts that are left untreated may gradually cause breast infections, which generally causes burning sensation in breasts.

  7. Burning Sensation In Breasts Can Be Due To Muscle Strain:

    Pain or burning sensation in breast may not only be related to the breast itself, but may also be because of a sore pectoral or chest muscle, present beneath the breast tissues. Straining this muscle, during exercise or any kind of injury may cause a sharp burning sensation that can appear to be breast pain and a kind of burning sensation. Moreover, the pain may also be because of a damage to the connective tissues that form part of our chest.

  8. Paget’s Disease:

    Paget’s disease can also cause burning sensation in breast. This is actually a rare form of breast cancer that begins around the nipple and areola and spreads much deeper. This breast cancer is mostly ignored. Women above 50 years of age most commonly are affected with this. There is itching, burning and skin flaking are some signs of this breast cancer.

  9. Parasthesia Can Cause Burning Sensation In Breasts:

    There is also a condition known as Parasthesia where there is a burning or numb sensation which is felt commonly in the extremities, but may also be noted in the chest or even in the face.

  10. Diabetes:

    Diabetes may also cause symptoms of burning sensation in breast and various other areas of the body. Diabetics who are experiencing burning and pain in the chest should seek immediate medical assistance.

  11. Dry Skin:

    If you have a dry skin, then your skin will be more vulnerable to problems like pain or burning sensation. Burning sensation in breasts may also be due to dry skin. It is recommended that you hydrate your skin, especially the nipple areas with some kind of vegetable oil, shea butter or moisturizing cream.

  12. Other Causes Of Burning Sensation In Breasts:

    Among some other causes of burning sensation in breasts are stress, back injury, fatty acid imbalance in the cells, arthritis and osteoarthritis.

    Moreover, using birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy can also cause breast pain, because of the hormones they contain and because of the resulting hormonal imbalance.

How To Get Rid Of Burning Sensation in Breast?

  1. Hot Compress:

    Using hot compress on your breasts could be pretty beneficial in getting rid of burning sensation. For this, you need to soak a clean cloth in warm water and then place it on your breasts for at least 15 minutes. This will reduce the burning sensation in breasts and also breast pain by increasing the circulation of blood in breast.

  2. Ice Pack:

    Applying ice packs can also get some relief from the burning sensation in breasts. You can place some crushed ice cubes in a clean cloth and then put the cloth over your breasts. Ice packs are good, especially in alleviating fibrocystic breasts.

  3. Relaxation Therapies:

    Relaxation therapies such as yoga, meditation, etc. help in a great extent in controlling anxiety levels that are associated with burning sensation and pain in breast.

  4. Reducing Weight Can Help Get Rid Of Burning Sensation In Breast:

    It has been noticed that by losing weight, there has been a reduction in the burning sensation of breast to some extent. In such cases, it is also suggested to wear a firm and extra supportive bra or a sports bra while exercising.

  5. Dietary Changes:

    • You can also get rid of burning sensation in breast, by having some dietary changes. Simply follow a low fat diet, include more of complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, plums, corn, oranges, celery, cucumbers etc. in your diet.
    • Apart from this, you also need to increase your intake of minerals like calcium and magnesium in your diet and avoid excess of salt, ice creams, chocolates, soft drinks etc. It is also good to limit caffeine as well.
    • Early studies have shown that vitamin E has been beneficial in reducing the burning sensation in breast, especially in the premenstrual women. So, you can add vitamin E and dietary supplements to reduce burning sensation in breasts.
    • Evening primrose oil supplement is also known to change the balance of fatty acids in your body cells and also reduce the burning sensation in breast.
  6. Medication To Get Rid Of Burning Sensation In Breast:

    • You can try applying a topical NSAID or Non-steroidal anti inflammatory medication to the area in your breast where you feel the burning sensation.
    • If you are on birth control pills, then switch birth control methods or skip the pill-free week, which may help in providing you a lot of relief from burning sensation in breast.
    • In order to relieve burning sensation in breast because of premenstrual syndrome you can take selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
  7. Surgery And Other Treatments To Get Rid Of Burning Sensation in Breast:

    In some cases, surgery and other medical treatments are required to treat the underlying cause of burning sensation in breast.

    • Breast cancer treatment includes surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. A combination of all three may be essential for a successful treatment of breast cancer and the associated symptom on burning sensation in breast.
    • Lumpectomy, compete mastectomy, often accompanied by chemotherapy or radiation treatment is essential to treat Paget’s disease causing burning sensation in breasts.
    • Treatments for mastitis causing burning sensation in breast, include antibiotics, anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen etc. Abscesses in mastitis, require surgical drainage.

When To See A Doctor For Burning Sensation In Breast?

There are some instances when burning sensation in breast is because of a life threatening condition, like heart attacks and it requires immediate medical attention. Seek medical help if burning sensation in breast is accompanied by symptoms like nausea, chest pain or chest tightness, shortness of breath, sudden or severe onset of pain. Also, in case you are diabetic then do consult your doctor with burning sensation in breast.

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