What Causes Itchy Breast in Women, Know its Symptoms, Treatment

Most women may suffer from itchy breast at times. Though it may not seem quite bothersome, however, if it persists, it can be very much embarrassing and also an uncomfortable ailment. In case if itchy breast in women is very much persistent for long accompanied with some other problems associated with it, then it requires further investigation and necessary treatments. Read below to know about the symptoms, causes, and treatments for itchy breast in women.

What Causes Itchy Breast in Women?

What Causes Itchy Breast in Women?

Common Causes of Itchy Breast:

Below are some of the common causes for breast itch in women, that are not serious.

  1. Clothing and Inner Garments:

    In most cases of Itchy Breast, clothing and the inner garments are the problem. The fabric used may cause an allergic reaction or contact dermatitis, or it may be too tight or not allowing adequate ventilation, especially if you are living in a hot and humid environment. Women, who spray perfume directly on the skin of their breast or chest, are likely to suffer with skin irritation as well.

  2. Hormonal Changes:

    Other times, Itchy Breast in women may be linked to hormonal changes, such as premenstrual time. While breast swelling and tenderness is thought to be as the main symptom of premenstrual breast; itchy breast are also possible in some young girls and women.

    These causes of Itchy Breast in women will pass with a change of clothing, after taking bath or after the onset of menstruation.

Serious Causes of Itchy Breast in Women:

There are some serious causes for Itchy Breast in women which requires more attention. Below are some of the causes.

  1. Skin Disorders:

    Skin disorders such as atopic dermatitis, hives, seborrheic dermatitis etc, and even chest acne can be a cause of Itchy Breast in women. A rash on the skin of the breast is almost always evident.

  2. Breast Fungus:

    One more cause of Itchy Breast in women is breast fungus which tends to occur under the breast or on the sides of the breast.

  3. Sunburn:

    Sunburn may also be one more cause of Itchy Breast along with redness of the skin on the breast. Tenderness may not be present always. It must be noted that any mole or skin bump that tends to turn more itchy in sunlight must be immediately investigated.

  4. Breast Infections or Mastitis:

    Breastfeeding women, are more prone to mastitis or breast infections which may initially appear as an itchy breast with a slight pain and cracking of the nipple.

  5. Trauma to Skin:

    Trauma to the breast skin may also cause Itchy Breast in women. If there is slight injury to the skin of the breast, like scratching the skin with long fingernail, there may be a development of an itch. This is not that very serious in general.

  6. Breast Cancer:

    Itchy Breast in women that are accompanied by nipple discharge, or any fixed and growing lump in the breast, should be paid more attention. This can at times indicate the onset of breast cancer.

  7. Post Operative Breast Itch:

    Itchy Breast in women may also be caused after a mastectomy or breast augmentation. This would slowly reduce with time. Larger breasts, because of augmentation may also cause mild itching as the breast skin may be stretched excessively.

  8. Certain Drugs Can Cause Itchy Breast in Women:

    There are certain drugs that may also cause Itchy Breast in women. You need to consult with your doctor in case you notice that the itching of breast began after taking any new medicine.

    It must be strictly noted that in case you have breast implants and are experiencing intense Itchy Breast, paid and redness of the skin on breast and fever; then do consult with your doctor on an immediate basis.

Symptoms of Itchy Breast in Women:

Below are some of the common symptoms of Itchy Breast in women. The occurrence of these symptoms and their severity may depend on the underlying causes for the condition of Itchy Breast.

  1. Appearance of Rashes and Lumps:

    Itchy Breast can cause the formation of reddish patches or skin rashes on the breasts, which are generally caused by scratching repeatedly. In certain cases, a lump may also be visible near the affected area of the breast and that would take some time to disappear.

    It must be mentioned that rashes are one of the most common symptoms associated with Itchy Breast in women. The tickling and irritating sensation experienced on the breast causes scratching and this may lead to rashes.

  2. Dry, Flaky Skin of the Breast:

    Itchy Breast condition in women can become very dry with the skin on the surface turning flaky. With time and incessant scratching caused due to itchy breast, the flaky skin would start falling off, which would lead to skin discoloration near the affected area of the breast.

  3. Warm and Swollen Breasts:

    An itchy breast can swell up by almost one cup size and can turn reddish, caused from repeated scratching. In some cases, Itchy Breast in women would be too warm to the touch in which case, it would be really difficult to wear even a bra for fear of aggravating the skin irritation.

  4. Leakage of Pus:

    In specific cases, where the itchiness is caused because of an infection, it is quite common to spot slight discharge from the breast. This discharge may be accompanied by pus as well. This discharge of pus would last as long as the condition is left untreated and as long as it continues.

  5. Some Other Symptoms:

    There are some other symptoms of Itchy Breast in women that could possibly indicate a serious problem including joint pain, stiffness in joints, breathlessness, disorientation, facial inflammation and fever etc.

Treatments for Itchy Breast in Women:

The treatments of Itchy Breast in women should always be directed at the cause of the breast itch. One must know about the factors that is causing itchy breast so that appropriate treatments must be taken up.

In case your breast itching is not because of any serious cause, you may take a note of the triggers that may be causing the itching and work or avoiding them. Below are some of the treatments for Itchy Breast.

  1. OTC Creams and Medications:

    You may apply anti fungal and anti itch creams or lotions over your breasts so as to reduce the itchiness to some extent. Choose one lotion or cream that contains an analgesic and has a pH of less than 1.0. Apply the cream over your breasts at least two times in a day so as to get enough relief from the itchiness.

  2. Avoid Triggers:

    You must also keep away from the triggers such as foods, chemicals and other products that could cause Itchy Breast or may aggravate an existing condition. You must choose scent free products while bathing and use a luffa sponge so as to clean under the breasts in a proper manner. Also use mild moisturizing creams or lotions after bath in order to keep the breasts hydrated and thus reducing itchiness that is caused due to dry skin of the breast.

  3. Wear Comfortable Clothing:

    Avoid wearing tight clothing that may lead to the formation of sweat underneath your breasts and this in turn may be a trigger for fungal infections that can ultimately cause Itchy Breast. Also, do not wear lacy bras and choose airy, cotton bras that would be softer on the breasts. Moreover, also choose soft cups that do not put excess pressure on your breasts. This can cause infections and several other conditions that may cause breast itch.

  4. Massage Your Breasts:

    If you have had previous breast surgery and if your surgical scars are causing the Itchy Breast, which is pretty common even long after the surgery, then you can try massaging a cream designed to minimize scarring and see if it helps. Massaging, actually helps break down bands of collagen that form with the scar.

    Again, if your breasts are expanding because of pregnancy, puberty or weight gain then also you may experience Itchy Breast and in such cases too massage can be beneficial treatment.

  5. Do Not Scratch:

    Make sure you do not scratch the itchy breasts. Though it requires scratching, however, scratching the itchy breast makes the problem even worse. So, instead of scratching, try pressing with the heel of the hand on the area where you are feeling the itchy sensation. This can help you get relief without damaging the skin and leaving red marks on the breasts.

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