How is Chest Pain When Angry or Upset Linked & What are its Remedies?

Anger or getting upset over an incident is a common emotional outcome of human beings. Many people complain of chest pain in these conditions. It is often found that what is perceived as a heart attack is actually linked to sudden stress or anxiety. When someone gets an unexpected flush of stress a discomfort of angina may be felt mimicking heart attack. Such a pain disappears after some time but in certain cases, it may need medical intervention.

How is Chest Pain When Angry or Upset Linked?

How is Chest Pain When Angry or Upset Linked?

When an individual feels angry or they are upset for any reason, the “fight-or-flight” response develops and the stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol start secreting at higher rates. It brings certain abrupt change in the body as the blood pressure increases, heart rates increase, respiration becomes more frequent, and oxygen consumption soars. At the same time, muscles get tensed and more blood begins to flow in some specific areas according to the condition.

This leads to a reduction in the blood circulation in the hearts and lungs. Some blood vessels get expanded while others are constricted. All these changes take place within some minutes of getting excited for any reason including getting angry or upset. Thus, the person feels mild to heavy angina pain.

Long-term Effect of Chest Pain When Angry or Upset

Normally, people do not get angry or upset frequently. These kinds of stresses are incidental and occasional. Still, there are some people who get very angry on trivial matters or get upset for no apparent reasons. They may have some other kinds of psychological or social issues which keep them stressed always. For these kinds of people, the above-mentioned chest pain can occur at any time, even 1-2 times every week. They need to take medical support to control the frequent occurrence of chest pain. The frequent occurrence of chest pain out of some stressful situations can lead to a heart attack and many other complications.

Remedies for Chest Pain When Angry or Upset

Anger or getting upset is quite natural and part of every human life. Problems occur when it becomes uncontrollable. Experts reveal that people who get angry or upset are almost 20% more likely to get heart diseases than comparatively calmer persons. Stress silently creeps into one’s life; it is hard to detect its presence through a person’s day-to-day activities. However, it continues to damage the body and mind without realizing anything. It is also found that people of these kinds possess high blood pressure and sleeping disorder. Uncontrolled blood pressure is not at all good for the heart. It can damage the arteries permanently or at least can damage their natural flexibility.

So, the only remedy is the stress management. Consulting an expert can make it easier and faster. People may need counseling, change of lifestyle, and medications to get rid of the problem.


It is not feasible to suppress anger or any kinds of mental disturbance. People who can express themselves more clearly get less or no chest pain while angry or upset. Chronic anger or the getting upset and tensed frequently need to be managed or reversed. In most of the cases, chest pain when angry or while being upset is not life-threatening or may not cause any permanent physical problems. However, that should not be taken lightly either.

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