Asthma is the kind of chronic disease that affects 12% of the population and is most common in westernized country like the United States. Asthma is the condition which is characterized by frequent episodes of coughing, wheezing, chest tightnessshortness of breath and in fact, the symptoms may range between mild to something most severe. Those who suffer from symptoms of asthma, do not enjoy a quality life. There can be exacerbations to necessitate the need for administering oral corticosteroids. There may be frequent episodes of hospitalizations and emergency room visit. Among all the kinds of medicines for asthma, one can use bronchodilators, corticosteroids and also leukotriene modifier drug. Various asthma drugs are in the process of manufacturing and Nucala and Cinqair are known to be quite effective.

How Safe and Effective is Nucala in Treating Severe Asthma?

How Safe and Effective is Nucala in Treating Severe Asthma?

Different biological drugs are available for the treatment of asthma. Nucala is the type of monoclonal antibody to target IL-5, the chemical triggering the production of eosinophils. They are white blood cells to cause a tissue damage, muscle constriction and inflammation. Nucala can counteract the bad effects of IL-5 that actually results in the decrease in blood eosinophils and sputum. People with high levels of blood eosinophils and sputum can get better with mepolizumab. Nucala is effective and safe in treating severe kind of eosinophilic asthma. Irrespective of the age, the dosage almost remains the same.

How Safe and Effective is Cinqair in Treating Severe Asthma?

Cinqair works in the same fashion as Nucala. It is the kind of monoclonal antibody which functions against IL-5. Cinqair can work by reducing the number of blood eosinophils and higher sputum. In the subgroups of various asthmatics, Cinqair is useful. It is indicated that it may treat the severe symptoms of asthma. The dosage of the medicine is based on the weight.

A number of studies suggest that both Cinqair and nucala are effective and safe in the treatment of asthma. They may address the symptoms like wheezing, shortness of breath and chest tightness within minutes of administering.

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