Ways to Treat Asthma Naturally

Asthma is usually quite a common ailment resulting in difficulty in breathing together with breathlessness, coughing and sneezing. The severity of asthmatic symptoms ranges from mild puffing to life-taking breathing difficulties. Every year this disease is affecting around 3% of total US population and mostly the children below 10 years have more chance of getting affected. There are several medications to treat this disease; however, as it is one of the chronic illnesses, patients prefer to get treated through natural ways. Natural remedies to treat asthma although takes more time to function but are very effective as well as free from any side-effects.

Ways to Treat Asthma Naturally

Ways to Treat Asthma Naturally

In spite of the presence of different ways to treat asthma, natural treatments are potent and powerful to diminish the adverse effect of the disease. The natural treatment method for asthma mainly focuses on principles such as decrease in allergic contact, lessening sensitivity and peculiarity in the airways of lungs, improving the nutrients uptake and assessing the pathway of inflammation in body. Let’s have a look at the ways to treat asthma naturally:

  • Supplements and Herbs: For years, different plants and herbs are used to treat asthma in a natural way. Researches also have proved that enough of antioxidants as supplements like Vitamin C or Vitamin E help to cure asthmatic symptoms. Some natural remedies include:
    • Ginger: Ginger has various beneficial health effects and it also fight against asthma effectively. Just make a juice with equal amounts of ginger, honey and pomegranate and consume for 2-3 times in a day for best results to treat asthma naturally. Another method is, mix 2 tablespoons of ginger juice with 1 tablespoon of dried fenugreek seeds and one tablespoon of honey and then soak the mixture overnight and have it in morning after getting up from sleep. This detoxifies lungs and keeps you free from asthma.
    • Turmeric: Because of its anti-inflammatory property, turmeric inhibits the secretion of prostaglandin hormone Cox-2 that causes inflammation and thus reduces asthmatic symptoms naturally. You need to add just 1-2 teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of hot milk and drink it for 2-3 times a day.
    • Figs: You need to soak few dried figs in normal water and leave it for whole night and in the next morning have both the figs and water in empty stomach. This is one of the most valuable ways to treat asthma naturally.
    • Clove: Boil 5-7 cloves in half cup of water and to it add one tablespoon of honey and consume 2-3 times in a day for better result as this is one of the best natural cures for asthma.
    • Coffee or Black Tea: Coffee usually contains caffeine that clears the air passage of lungs and thus helps in curing asthma. Black tea also shows fruitful results in curing asthma when taken twice or thrice a day.
    • Mustard Oil: Warm some amounts of pure mustard oil and to it add some camphor and then use the mixture to massage gently over the chest and throat to get quick relief from asthmatic problems in a natural way.
    • Honey: Honey is probably the best and effective natural medicine to cure asthma. You can inhale easily the smell of honey or just add one tablespoon of honey in warm water and have it for twice or thrice a day. Otherwise mix half teaspoon of cinnamon dust with one teaspoon of honey and consume it just before sleep.
    • Eucalyptus Oil: Among the other essential oils, eucalyptus oil is the best way to cure asthma naturally or any respiratory infections due to its medicinal properties. Boil one cup of water, add 5-6 drops of eucalyptus oil to it and then inhale the steam by covering your head completely with a towel. This steam clears the nasal passage and helps you to breathe without any difficulty.
    • Bioflavonoids: Bioflavonoids are known to inhibit the secretion of histamine and thus prevents allergic reaction. Quercetin is the best known bioflavonoids to cure asthma. You need to consume 500mg of quercetin in tablet or capsule form along with meals to avoid stomach problems.
  • Exercises: It has been found that increase in stress level often generates asthmatic problems. Therefore, some sort of exercise like yoga, walking or any breathing exercises will definitely help you to reduce stress level and relieve you from asthma. Some helpful exercises to cure asthma naturally include:
    • Walking: According to some recent studies, people doing brisk walking for 3 times in every 12 weeks will surely improve from asthma symptoms and will be fit enough to control adverse asthmatic attack. However, half an hour before and after the walk do some warm up and cool down exercises to let the body be used to it.
    • Yoga or Breathing Exercises: Yoga is actually a great medicine for asthma patients. Researches have proved that Hatha yoga for 2-3 hours for 10 long weeks can help you out from asthmatic symptoms. Other breathing exercises like Pranayama, which is actually a deep breathing exercise helps in expansion of lungs and decreases stress level.
    • Other breathing exercises include: Papwoth or Buteyko also helps in lessening asthmatic symptoms.
    • Swimming: Swimming done in warm and humid conditions is the best exercise to cure asthma. As swimming is done in horizontal posture, it helps in freeing of mucus from the lung surface. However, swimming in chlorinated water can be harmful as it can trigger asthma attack.
    • Sports: There are various sports like football, golf, volleyball and tennis or badminton that helps in expansion of lungs and therefore helps to cure asthma.
  • Ayurvedic Approach: Ayurvedic treatment is known for ages and helps to cure asthma by vanishing it off from the root cause. One such process is Acupuncture and acupressure.
  • Proper Diet: Proper diet and nutrition also helps to reduce asthmatic symptoms. Such diet includes the following:
    • Apples: It is seen that people who consumes 2-5 apples per day experience lesser asthma attacks. Apple usually reduces the risk of getting affected by asthma by 32% than who eat no apples.
    • Cantaloupe: This is a rich source of vitamin C that reduces lung damage by conquering against free radicles and give intense relief from asthma in a natural way. Other source of Vitamin C such as kiwi fruit or any citrus fruit also lessen asthmatic attack.
    • Carrots: This food is categorized under Vitamin A rich food and also contains flavonoids. Carrot mainly helps to reduce exercise induced asthma.
    • Omega-3 fatty acids: Omaga-3 fatty acids containing salmon or tuna fish or flax seeds have various beneficial effects to improve asthmatic conditions naturally. These foods also contain magnesium that helps in relaxing the bronchi muscles and cures asthma.
    • Garlic: This has an anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties that not only reduces asthma symptoms but also helps in treating viral infection or hemorrhoids.
    • Onions: Onion also possesses an anti-inflammatory property that helps to fight asthma by cleaning up the air passage properly. So, it is advised to consume more and more raw onions in diet through salads or cooked food.


Generally, people believe that herbs or supplementary foods are supposed to be the most natural way to treat asthma problems with great success; however, herbs should be tested thoroughly before and get approved by the FDA. It is also very essential to consult with your physician before consuming any herbs, dietary supplements, or doing any sort of exercises as the natural remedies to cure asthma as herbs could be equally dangerous if not taken properly, due to over-dosage or interaction with any other medicine that you take or for allergic properties. Another thing is you should also get advice from doctors whether continuing asthma medications along with natural remedies is possible or not as drugs may interact. Nevertheless, if the doctor gives a green signal, natural ways to prevent, cure and keep asthma under control could be the best method.

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