Effectiveness & Safety of Xolair in Treating Asthma

Are you suffering from asthma? Xolair is the injectable medicine which may treat moderate to severe asthma. It may be used by people of age 12 years or even older. If asthma is uncontrolled even with the use of inhaled steroid, Xolair may be given in the doctor’s office as per the body weight and the IgE or allergic antibody level. You may take up asthma control test in order to know if the asthma is controlled or not. Xolair, the monoclonal anti-allergic antibody, binds to the antibody or the IgE in the bloodstream.

Effectiveness of Xolair in Treating Asthma

Effectiveness of Xolair in Treating Asthma

The drug Xolair is produced in mice and thus it has 5% of mice protein. But, still, there will be no allergic symptom when Xolair is administered. In fact, the very presence of mouse protein prevents the IgE from attaching to the mast cells or binding to the allergens that ultimately results in the release of histamine or other chemicals. They are such harmful chemicals that worsen the symptoms of asthma. Xolair is the potent drug which can improve your quality of life, reduce the asthma symptoms and many of required corticosteroids. However, after the injection, Xolair may take some time to show results. The medication is also expensive.

Safety of Xolair in Treating Asthma

When you check out Xolair, you will find the warning straight from FDA or Food and Drug Administration. This is due to the fact that people reportedly experienced anaphylaxis after the use of Xolair. But, still, there will be no serious adverse effects of Xolair. Only the physician can determine the time it will take to show results.

When you use Xolair, you need to check out for the symptoms like shortness of breath, wheezing, chest tightness, low blood pressure, vomiting and nausea. In fact, Xolair can also treat conditions other than asthma like hives.

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