How to Beat COPD Naturally?

COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is recognized by breathing trouble and decreased level of physical activity. COPD is actually an umbrella term which includes bronchitis, emphysema, and in some cases asthma. In all these diseases, patients face breathing trouble due to dysfunctional airways linked to the lungs. In the changing lifestyle and environmental condition, the incidents of COPD could be visible everywhere around the world especially in the metro cities. According to the experts, COPD has no permanent remedy; however, the symptoms of COPD can be improved significantly through some natural ways. These are easy to adopt. In several cases, patients have gotten rid of the COPD symptoms permanently by opting for natural treatment.

How to Beat COPD Naturally?

How to Beat COPD Naturally?

The symptoms of COPD can be alleviated through some natural remedies. Let’s have a look at the most popular natural process of beating COPD:

Stop Smoking:

Smoking is the single most apparent reason of COPD. So, a patient detected with COPD must stop smoking immediately. By doing so, the symptoms can be reduced remarkably and naturally. It should also be kept in mind that even the fireplace smokes and passive smoking is not good for these patients. A COPD patient needs a smoke-free environment at any cost.

Avoid Dust and Pollution:

This is another primary cause of COPD. People working in a dust prone environment are always at a risk of developing COPD. It is not possible to change the environment, so the patient needs to take precaution themselves by using a proper mask or avoiding such places. The mask so used should be cleaned regularly. This simple initiative by the COPD patient can help tackle COPD naturally

Avoid Chemicals to Beat COPD Naturally:

COPD patients should avoid chemicals and any environment where chemicals are used constantly like fertilizers of plant, pharmaceutical manufacturing unit, petroleum refinery, etc. Constant inhalation of chemicals will increase the symptoms and may also cause a sudden exacerbation. For COPD patients, deodorants and perfumes are also hazardous, so they should be selective in using these products.

Exercise and Breathing Techniques:

There are certain breathing techniques and freehand exercises that can provide significant relief from COPD naturally. Certain Indian methods of exercise called “Pranayam” and “Yoga” postures are also found to be helpful in getting rid of COPD naturally. However, these exercises are to be performed accurately. So, a primary guidance from an expert is necessary to obtain maximum benefits out of these breathing exercises, pranayamas, or yoga postures for COPD.

Herbal Remedy to Beat COPD Naturally:

Ginseng is good for improving lung function. Its use in asthma and breathing issues was found in ancient Chinese history too. In several studies, this fact is approved by the experts. On the other hand, the use of eucalyptus oil is also found to be good in decreasing cough and improving breathing capacity. The oil is also recognized as an effective anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-spasmodic ingredient. Eucalyptus is to be used externally while ginseng is available in the market in tablet form.

Food and Fluid Intake Habit

COPD patients should avoid processed and canned foods as much as possible. Their daily diet should consist of lots of vitamins, fibers, and minerals. Their food items need to have a good quantity of vitamin C every day which can be obtained from any kinds of citrus fruits. COPD patients with no other health issues should also take 4-5 liters of water every day along with other fluids. Fluid helps in increasing macular mobility and reflux of toxic products from the body.


COPD is proliferating like an epidemic. The industrial countries are worst affected with the number of patients increasing in leaps and bounds. Smoking, dust, pollution, chemical inhalation, etc. are the primary reason of COPD. Changing lifestyle has also been decreasing the immunity of the body. Certain natural and easily practicable remedies can be adapted to control the disease. In several cases, patients have been able to reverse the symptoms also. The natural remedies as stated above will definitely improve the condition.

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