When To Go The ER For Chest Pain?

Chest pain can occur due to various medical reasons that include both minor and serious disease. So, when should one go to the ER for chest pain? Let us understand about this in detail.

When To Go The ER For Chest Pain?

When To Go The ER For Chest Pain?

For any minor or serious chest pain, it is very essential that you visit to doctor and diagnose it immediately. Especially if the chest pain occurs suddenly or if you do not get relief by taking anti-inflammatory or various other kinds of self-care steps, for example, changing the diet.

Medications and lifestyle changes can be a part of the routine, but for any sudden chest pain, immediate medical attention may be required. A common question that bothers many is that when should I go to the ER for chest pain? It is a must that you visit an ER (Emergency Room), if you have a sudden, intense chest pain.

Chest pain is always considered as one of the serious symptoms of heart problems and as such, it should never be ignored. It is true that chest pain is also caused due to several other insignificant reasons but as it is mainly the symptom of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) it becomes necessary to get a check-up done with the doctor whenever you feel such kinds of symptoms. However, it is seen that most of the people do not know when the chest pain is serious and when you need to go to the ER or emergency room. Otherwise, on one hand, it may happen that you admit your patient in the Emergency Room (ER) unnecessarily and bring in unnecessary expenses and inconvenience. On the other hand, a wrong decision of not going to the Emergency Room (ER) may bring in permanent disability or it may lead to death as well. So, knowing when to go to the ER for chest pain is absolutely important.

The following are some signs when it becomes very essential to admit the patient in the Emergency Room (ER):

  • When you are older than 40 years of age and also have some other related risk factors for example you have a family history of cardiac disease, have the habit of smoking, are obese, have elevated cholesterol and diabetes.
  • When should you go to the ER for chest pain also depends a lot on the accompanying symptoms. If you have severe chest pain and it is accompanied with chest tightness, squeezing, and severe crushing sensation or feel heaviness at the time of chest pain.
  • If you have weakness and nausea. Also, along with these you feel shortness of breath or have excessive sweating, dizziness or feeling like fainting due to chest pain.
  • When the chest pain radiates to his shoulder, arms or even to his jaws.
  • When the chest pain you are having is accompanied by a sense of impending doom.
  • If the chest pain worsens continuously in the first 10 to 15 minutes of the beginning of the chest pain.
  • If the chest pain is very severe and that you have never experienced such pain before.

If these symptoms are present when experiencing the chest pain then it is very essential that you should go to the Emergency Room (ER) for chest pain, immediately.


It is very essential that you assess the risk of having cardiac problems and chest pain from time to time. Having regular medical check-ups and investigations to assess your cardiac health. Elderly people or those who have a family history or have other risk factors are likely to get a heart attack or severe problems. Also, knowing when you should go to the ER for chest pain can help in receiving timely medical help.

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