The Best and Worst Fruits for Diabetes!

Fruits make a crucial component of a regular healthy and balanced diet, which helps in promoting health in a great manner. There are various fruits which make up a great choice in various illnesses, because of the carbohydrate, protein, fiber and nutrient contents present in them. However, if you are having diabetes, there might be some fruits which can be a wrong choice in your diet. In this present article, we will talk about some of the best fruits and few of the worst fruits for diabetes.

Best Fruits for Diabetes:

Best Fruits for Diabetes

Below are some of the best fruits for diabetes which can help in improving the condition with the natural diet.

  1. Berries are Safe for Diabetics: Antioxidants are known to be present in huge amount in the berries including the strawberries, blueberries, etc. It is confirmed that berries are a wonderful fruit for diabetic patients as they contain antioxidants along with vitamins and fiber and also low carbohydrate content.
  2. Peaches-A Good Choice of Fruit for Diabetics: Low carbohydrate content in the peaches makes it a good fruit for diabetic patients. Peaches contain vitamin A and C, potassium and fiber in good quantity. This also helps in improving the diabetic condition. Peaches can be taken on their own or can be tossed in to the iced tea.
  3. Tart Cherries: Because of the low carbohydrate content, tart cherries can be included under the best diabetic diet. It is recently found that tart cherries are wonderful in fighting against inflammation because of the fact that they contain anti- inflammatory agents in them.
  4. Apples: Loaded with fiber, vitamin C, and low carb etc., make apple another great fruit for diabetic patients. It is good to take the apple without peeling it.
  5. Apricot: Apricots contain low carbohydrates, vitamins and fibers in it which makes them a super diet for diabetes. Apricots can be taken with the hot or cold cereal or can be tossed in a salad.
  6. Pears: One more fruit which can be added to your diabetes meal plan is the pear. These are a low carb fruit and also taste good. You can slice one pear up and toss it into your spinach salad
  7. Oranges: Oranges rich in vitamin C, folate and potassium, low in carbohydrate and low GI content are considered as one of the best fruits for diabetes. Oranges can be taken by diabetics as they are or can be taken as the orange juices.

Worst Fruits for Diabetes:

It is already known that fruits are a healthy part of diet which keeps an individual healthy and fit for life. They are rich in vitamins, fiber, and various minerals and nutrients which are essential for a healthy life. However it is believed by some that certain fruits are rich in sugar content which makes them unhealthy as they can increase the blood sugar level. So, fruits that can be considered bad for diabetic patient may include banana and melons which are high in sugar content. However it must be noted that when these fruits taken with peanut butter and low fat cheese; they can be healthy and the sugar content may be reduced as this mixture can cut down the fruit content.

What Fruit Diet to Eat and What to Avoid in Diabetes:

Now, here we will note down on what fruit diets must be taken and what must be avoided in case you have diabetes.

Best Fruit Diet Choices for Diabetics:

Here below are some of the best choices for the kind of fruit diet you must take in diabetes

  • Sugar free fruit jams or fruit jams with low sugar content
  • 100% real original fruit juice
  • Fresh fruits
  • Plain frozen fruits
  • No-sugar-added applesauce

Worst Fruit Diet Choices for Diabetics:

Below are some of the best choices for the kind of fruit diet you must avoid in case you have diabetes.

  • Chewy fruit rolls
  • Sweetened or sugar added applesauce
  • Canned fruit containing heavy sugar syrup
  • Regular fruit jams and fruit jellies.
  • Fruit drinks, fruit smoothies with high sugar contents


So above were some of the essential fruits mentioned for diabetes which can help in improving the condition. Though it is known that fruits are healthier enough to be taken on everyday basis, yet there are some beliefs that certain fruits containing high sugar content can be a bad choice in diabetes. So it is always essential to take the best care while choosing your diet and it is a wise man’s task to consult with a doctor or dietician for the best diet choices as per your health condition in diabetes.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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