7 Common Health Problems Faced by College Students

After students join college, their first few weeks are full of excitement. They explore the new learning environment, meet new friends, and experience new ways of learning. They are more excited because college is a bridge to a brighter future.

Unfortunately, the excitement doesn’t last long for many students. Soon, the notes in their books increase. The volumes of books to read increase, and they have more assignments to handle. This is where many students’ health problems start. They begin to suffer both mental and physical health problems. Here are the commonest health challenges.

Common Health Problems Faced by College Students
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Anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression are one of the commonest mental health problems faced by most college students. The problem comes due to piling pressure. Many students are under pressure to complete their assignments. A lot more students are under pressure because they want better grades during exams. Unfortunately, many of them fail to plan their time well. When exams time nears, they try to read too much in the shortest time possible.

There are different ways to overcome anxiety and depression in college. They can develop a habit of doing exercises for mental health. Another solution is to plan their time well. They should not wait until the deadline for submitting papers or starting exams nears to start studying.

Eating disorders/poor health due to wrong eating habits

Eating disorders can be measured from different angles. A student could frequently be eating, but they are eating the wrong food. Many of them prefer to eat fast foods or simple foods such as fries, cakes, snacks, sugary soft drinks, and chocolates. Their bodies soon begin to crave more sugar. Their bodies accumulate too much sugar, which becomes a health problem. Many of them gain too much weight, and they become slow in their activities.

The best way to overcome poor eating habits is to plan their meals. They should create time to eat healthy breakfast, lunch, and evening meals. They should avoid eating junk foods which contribute to poor health.

Students face a lot of health problems, but most of them are easy to overcome. Problems like weight gain, blood pressure, and diabetes can be prevented by eating the right diet. What is more important is to develop good habits like exercise, self-control, and time management. There are a lot of topics about health a student can choose and write an attractive essay. The free essay topics available on Samplius can help a student get better ideas on the best topics to choose. Apart from the free essay about health, the site has many other free example examples in various subjects.

Eating disorders/poor health due to wrong eating habits
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Addiction to alcohol, smoking, and other drugs

Many students want to experiment with everything they come across. Most of them begin to live alone and away from their families after joining college. It gives them a sense of freedom to try out anything in life. This is how most college students who suffer from addiction get hooked on drugs and alcohol.

The solution is to be selective with the friends and company they choose. Before accepting someone to be their friend, they should first observe their character. It is important to be principled and stand by their good choices.


Stress in students develops due to various reasons. They can develop stress due to engaging in prolonged study time. They could also be staying out with friends too late at night. Addiction to drugs also contributes to higher levels of stress in students. When their brain is unable to handle too much pressure, it develops stress.

The solution is to plan their study time well. They should start studying from the time they join college to avoid spending too many hours in the study room. They can avoid stress by adjusting their lifestyle and behavior.

Sleep disorders

Sleep disorders are due to other underlying reasons. Too much worry can cause a lack of sleep. Depression and anxiety are significant contributors to sleep disorders. Lack of sleep develops into other problems like anger and lack of self-control.

Students should develop a habit of sharing any challenges they are facing. They can share with the counselors, lecturers, friends, and family members. There is a need to develop a positive mindset. Activities like meditation can help the body to refocus and develop better sleep patterns.


Students suffer a lot of health problems during their time in college. The commonest health challenges they face are sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, worry, and stress. Many of them suffer from weight gain due to eating disorders. They can overcome most of the common health problems by developing good eating patterns. Exercise, choosing good friends, and planning study time well can help students overcome a lot of health issues.

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