Fast Food Causes and Effects For Students

The intake of fast food is quite high among college students. Fast food is often the go-to meal for college students for its cheap prices. It does not require you to go to the kitchen to cook. This makes the food ideal for the student’s fast-paced life.

Fast foods are very tasty compared to most healthy meals. They are also more visually appealing. This makes you tempted to consume them even more. Fast food has a ton of effects on you. Here are some of the ways fast food will affect you.

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Fast food leads to poor health

Fast foods are related to so many health issues among those consuming them. They are known to cause diabetes, high blood pressure, and even cancer. These are all lifestyle diseases that lead people to hospital beds. If you are constantly in the hospital, you miss a lot of classwork and will end up falling behind.

When you go back to school, you will need to do a lot of reading to catch up on what you lost in that period. Considering you are sickly, this will be hard to accomplish. You are likely to perform poorly when exams come.

Affects fast brain function

Fast foods have been linked to slow brain performance. When you consume fast foods regularly, you will perform poorly in complex subjects like math and science. You become much slower at grasping concepts in these fields due to an unhealthy mind and body. When you want good grades, you can seek assistance from essay writing services online. This is where the writers at Uk.EduBirdie come in. They offer lab report writing services to students who need academic help. You can get your lab report assignment done at an affordable price. Students have given positive reviews on how writers at Uk.EduBirdie write my lab report for me at any time they need help. The service is well-known and always meets the expectations of students.

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This leads to depression in students

High amounts of sodium and potassium are linked to increased depression among the youth. Fast foods are known to contain high amounts of both sodium and potassium. Junk food like French fries and potato chips are a perfect example of fast foods with a high sodium and potassium content. College students are constantly eating these foods as they are quite cheap.

A large intake of these foods leads to a rise in depression. Depression is known to affect productivity in those suffering from it. When depression gets out of hand, it can lead people to committing suicide. So many lives have been lost to suicide due to depression. A lot needs to be done to flatten the rising curve of suicide cases and healthy eating is one step in the right direction.

Causes unhealthy weight gain

Fast foods are very tasty, and you are likely to get tempted to eat a little more than required. This is bound to cause unhealthy weight gain. This is one of the most common effects of fast foods. The weight will lead to several complications in your life. Unhealthy weight leads to several physical, mental, and emotional problems. This will affect you physically as added weight makes you less active.

Simple activities like jogging, walking or using the stairs become very difficult for them. The less you engage in physical activity, the more weight you gain. It becomes a never-ending cycle of weight gain unless you make a conscious decision to practice healthy living. The lack of physical activity and constant intake of fast foods makes you vulnerable to lifestyle diseases caused by unnecessary weight gain.

It affects skin, hair, and nails

We put a lot of effort into our looks. We care about the state of our skin and how good our hair looks. Junk food has a great effect on your skin and hair. Fatty foods like burgers and French fries lead to acne breakouts. Research has shown that pastries trigger a rise in blood pressure which will cause acne breakouts.

The face holds so much value, and many people get their self-esteem from their well-maintained looks. Acne breakouts can largely affect our self-esteem. Fast foods can also lead to eczema, which affects how the skin looks. Eczema is very uncomfortable as it makes skin irritable. Those with eczema are constantly feeling itchy due to skin inflammation.


Fast foods have a lot of effects on the general health of a student. They affect your productivity in school, make you gain unhealthy weight, and badly affect your skin. There is so much that you can avoid by simply having healthy meals. The above effects can hopefully sensitize you to the effects of fast foods on your lives and show why you need to avoid eating them.

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