What Is The Best Thing To Do About A Diaper Rash? Its Treatment & Prevention

Diaper rash is an inevitable problem in a baby’s life. Irrespective of how cautious parents of infants are, their little one does get diaper rash sometime or the other. To deal with this problem, parents should learn how to effectively treat diaper rash and prevent its worsening. Wondering what is the best thing for diaper rash? Following are some tips to help you manage diaper rash better and keep your baby’s little bottom happier!

What is Diaper Rash & What Causes it?

Diaper rash is basically any kind of dermal irritation in the diaper-covered region. It is also called diaper dermatitis, nappy dermatitis and ammonia dermatitis. Diaper rash generally affects infants and toddlers. While there are multiple causes of diaper rash, contact irritation is the most common of them all.

Leaving a dirty or wet diaper on for too long, the skin chafing or rubbing against the diaper itself, bacterial infection, yeast infection, or an allergic reaction to diaper are common causes of diaper rash. Cradle cap is a harmless rash which often appears on a baby’s scalp, and can also show up on their bottom. This condition is called seborrheic dermatitis. It causes red, waxy and scaly patches on the skin, which eventually go away without treatment. They can also appear on other areas of the infant’s body. Babies generally develop diaper rash when they grow older, especially between the ages of 9 to 12 months. Rashes in the diaper region also occur when the infants have diarrhea, start eating solid foods and sleep in dirty diapers. Children also tend to get rashes when they take antibiotics.

What Is The Best Thing To Do About A Diaper Rash? Its Treatment & Prevention

What Is The Best Thing To Do About A Diaper Rash? Its Treatment & Prevention

By making some simple changes and following certain hygienic practices, parents can reduce the frequency and severity of diaper rashes in infants. Some of the best practices in case of diaper rash are:

Wash Hands Before & After Changing The Diaper

The best thing parents can do for treating and especially preventing diaper rash it to wash their hands before and after changing a diaper. The baby’s diaper should be checked often, and changed as soon as it becomes wet or dirty. Before putting on a fresh diaper on the baby, parents should ensure that the area is completely dry and clean. Rather than rubbing, parents should just gently pat the area dry and clean.

Use Plain Water For Cleaning The Diaper Region

The second best thing for a diaper rash is the use of plain water or a mild cleanser should be used to clean the poop off from the baby’s skin. Only mild wipes, or soft and clean washcloth, should be used for cleaning the infant. One should avoid using wipes with fragrances or alcohol to prevent diaper rash.

Try To Keep The Baby Diaper-Free To Treat The Diaper Rash

When the infant has bad rashes, parents should take some extra measures. They should use a squirt bottle to wash and clean the area properly and avoid rubbing the sore skin on the diaper rash. The best thing to do for treating and healing of diaper rash is to let the baby remain diaper-free for as long as possible. This will help to air out the diaper zone and encourage faster healing of the infant’s skin. It is best to do this after a bowel movement to avoid any mess.

Use Soothing Creams To Prevent & Treat Diaper Rash

Certain products help to soothe a baby’s sore skin and create a protective barrier. For example, baby creams and ointments containing ingredients like zinc oxide or petroleum jelly prove very effective in this regard and one of the best things to do in case of a diaper rash is to apply these on the baby’s dry and clean bottom before putting on a clean diaper. Parents should not use steroid creams on their infant’s skin until advised by the doctor. If used incorrectly, these creams can irritate the baby’s bottom even more.

Pat The Baby Powder On The Diaper Region

When using baby powder, parents should take some of it in their hands and then apply it to the infant’s diaper area. They should never bring the powder near the baby’s face since the cornstarch or talc in it can cause breathing problems to the toddler.

Change The Diaper Brand To Treat & Prevent Diaper Rash

Another important thing to do when the baby is getting frequent diaper rashes is to change the type of diaper at once and see if there is any difference in the diaper rash. Parents who are using cloth should try disposables.

Use A Mild Detergent For Cleaning Cloth Diapers

If parent wash the cloth diapers on their own, they are advised to change their detergent. Choosing a mild, hypoallergenic detergent to wash the cloth diapers is the best remedy to prevent rashes in the diaper region. They can also add a half-cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle.

Diaper Rash: When To Seek Medical Attention

If the baby gets fever, becomes sluggish, or the rash worsens and does not respond to treatment in 2 to 3 days, parents should call the doctor immediately. Appearance of yellow coloured, fluid-filled bumps and honey-coloured crusty areas is indicative of bacterial infection, which needs to be treated with antibiotics. Symptoms like swollen red rash with white scales and lesions, redness in the folds of the baby’s skin, and small red pimples outside of the diaper area signal a yeast infection. Prescriptive anti-fungal medicines need to be administered to clear this infection.

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