When Should I Take My Child To See A Doctor About Bedwetting?

About Bedwetting In Children

Bedwetting is a common problem in older adults in the United States. Bedwetting at night in medical terms is named as nocturnal enuresis. Both girls and boys equally are affected by this problem. Bedwetting at night in most cases resolves by the time a child reaches around 7 years of age. However, in some cases bedwetting persists and may go into adulthood for some children. This may result in the child losing self esteem and confidence, and even at times go into depression which makes it difficult for parents to handle the child.

In some cases, children even have problems with passing urine even during daytime which may signal an underlying medical concern such as an overactive bladder or some problem with the kidney function. This article informs as to when a parent should take the child to a physician in cases of Bedwetting at Night.

When Should I Take My Child To See A Doctor About Bedwetting?

A parent should take the child to a doctor in the following scenarios:

If there are symptoms of urinary tract infections or a problem with kidney function like hematuria, incomplete emptying of the bladder, or if the child complains of abdominal pain. Increased urinary frequency and urgency is also a symptom of an underlying infection which may be resulting in the child wetting the bed at night.

A parent should take their child to a physician in cases where the child is not only wetting the bed but also leaking stools at night. This may happen in cases where the child may be chronically constipated and since both the bladder and the rectum are controlled by the same muscle which tends to become weak due to constipation bedwetting at night may occur.

In cases where the child is reluctant to go to school or other social environment and is socially withdrawn and looks depressed, then the parents should take the help of a physician to resolve the problem of bedwetting at night.

A child who has had good bladder control recently starts to wet the bed at night is also a sign of an underlying problem with the bladder or kidney function and needs to be investigated by a physician.

Also if the parents have tried home treatments to prevent bedwetting at night such as timed voiding and still the problem persists then the child should be taken to a physician for other modes of treatment to get rid of Bedwetting at Night.

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