Can Stress Cause Bedwetting in Children?

About Bedwetting In Children

Bedwetting is a condition which many children in the United States suffer from. It is quite common for children to wet the bed when they are under the age of 3 as this is the time when their bladder are still developing and the sensation of the urge to urinate is still not felt by the children. Bedwetting usually goes away on its own by the time the child reaches 7 or 8 years of age.

However, in some children the problem with bedwetting continues beyond this age and this is when it creates a problem for the child. The child tends to become socially withdrawn, can have temper tantrums, be irritable, and sometimes might even get into depression. The child may also live in fear that the peers may find out about the bedwetting problem.

Bedwetting may be a cause for concern if there is an underlying medication causing the problem. Sometimes, the child may have a small bladder which is not able to accommodate all the urine that the child produces throughout the day. This may result in Bedwetting at night. It might be best to take the child to a physician for a checkup to identify the potential causes for the child’s bedwetting problem. Anxiety and Stress are also thought to be contributing factors for Bedwetting in children.

Can Stress Cause Bedwetting In Children?

Can Stress Cause Bedwetting In Children?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. While stress actually does not cause a child to start to wet the bed at night, it can definitely worsen an existing bedwetting problem in a child. When a child is under stress, there are certain behavioral changes that the child undergoes. These behaviors are eating a diet high on salts like crackers and chips, not completely emptying the bladder at night, drinking lots of fluid at bedtime which makes the child make more urine resulting in Bedwetting.

Eating lot of salty foods makes a child retain a lot of fluids which again produces a lot of urine which tends to result in bedwetting. In some cases, out of stress or anxiety, the child may forget to urinate before going to bed at night which again results in Bedwetting. Thus it can be said that stress does not cause a child to urinate but the behavioral changes that are brought about in a child under stress can cause the problem of Bedwetting in a child.

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