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How to Plan Holidays and Other Events With Kids Who Haven’t Been Vaccinated?

The availability of the covid vaccine for younger children is good news, the not so good thing is that children may not be completely protected or fully vaccinated when it is time for any family gatherings or holiday events. In this article, we provide you with some ways to cut down on the covid risk for your children.

The COVID-19 vaccine is thankfully now available for kids aged 5 to 11 years old; however, there can be some instances where the children may not be completely vaccinated by the time when there is a family event or a holiday gathering. There are various measures that can be taken to celebrate your holidays or family events with unvaccinated kids.

According to experts, kids and more so younger kids, when compared to adults, are at decreased risk for falling sick with COVID-19. Kids who do suffer from COVID-19 will recover majority of the times, and the risk of getting sick with covid depends on the infection rates too. If the rate of infection is low, then the risk of the kids contracting this disease will also be less.

How to Plan Holidays and Other Events With Kids Who Haven’t Been Vaccinated?

Following some simple methods will cut down on the risk of getting covid in your unvaccinated children and allow them to partake in all the fun the family gatherings and holidays have for everyone.

  1. Practice Hygiene; Maintain Social Distance and Wear a Mask

    It is important for adults and kids who haven’t been vaccinated yet to practice all the covid safety measures as long as this pandemic continues and this includes practicing hygiene with the use of sanitizers and hand washing; always maintaining social distance when in gatherings and wearing face masks.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention strongly recommends using masks which cover the nose and mouth with a snug fit on the sides of the face with no gaps showing. For extra protection one can wear a mask with layers. People who are vaccinated should also follow these guidelines for added protection against this disease.

    It is important to wash hands with soap and water for a minimum time of 20 seconds or if water or soap is not available to use hand sanitizer which contains a minimum of 60 percent alcohol to fight the covid virus and other germs.

  2. It Would Be Better To Host Parties Outside

    Gatherings taking place outdoors are safer when compared indoors irrespective of the vaccination status. If you are hosting an event it would be better to do it in an area of the house which has good ventilation with open windows or better yet, outdoors. So, it is always a good idea to host any party or other social events outside.

  3. It is Recommended to Avoid Travelling with Unvaccinated Kids

    The CDC recommends postponing any travel plans until one is completely vaccinated, including children. All of us have missed so many events and gatherings with our loved ones in this pandemic that many are eager to visit or re-join their loved ones, which can require traveling.

    It is better to avoid traveling if your children or you are not completely vaccinated. Vaccinated travelers will feel more at ease when traveling to visit family and friends. It is also advised to find out the vaccination and COVID-19 rates at the place one intends to visit, along with researching on the local regulations and rules so one can be prepared to take all the precautions needed to prevent this disease.

    It is also advised to take extra precautions if your child is fully vaccinated but is immuno-compromised. While covid vaccines do give protection to kids and adults, there is no doubting the risk of infection there still is. When planning to travel with children, it is also better to consult your child’s pediatrician regarding the right measures to be taken along with the regular precautions of social distancing and wearing a mask.

What To Do For Unvaccinated Children Living with High-Risk People?

Even though kids are at low risk of getting sick from COVID-19, there is still the risk of them passing the covid virus to others. Older adults and immuno-compromised people are at increased risk for developing COVID-19. This is why extra precautions need to be taken for families with unvaccinated children; especially if they are visiting anyone elderly or with a weak immune system. It is also better to encourage older adults to get booster shots of COVID-19 before coming in contact with unvaccinated children.

Getting vaccinated is the best way to increase safety for anyone who comes in contact with children who haven’t been vaccinated yet. Getting vaccinated is also the only way to put an end to this raging pandemic and decrease the risk of variants of this virus, which could be resistant to the vaccine, thus posing a danger to one’s freedom, health and economy.

Try a Staycation/Holistay

Considering how fed up one is of being cooped in their homes thanks to this pandemic, if you want a change of scenery or if you do not want to travel with an unvaccinated kid, then it is a good idea to explore the area where you live and find new places to visit and stay. You can also look up on the different social media platforms to find suggestions for safe and great activities near your home.


Even though covid vaccine for children is available, there might be some instances where you have to attend a function or an event when your child has not yet been fully vaccinated. In such cases, always follow the first rules of thumb when it comes to this pandemic, which is social distancing, wearing a mask and hygiene protocols.

Unvaccinated kids should also stay away from elderly people or people who are vulnerable to diseases due to their weak immunity. Travelling with unvaccinated children is best avoided and it is better to explore places near where you live. Getting each and every family member vaccinated is the best way to beat this pandemic and everyone should be encouraged to take the covid vaccine without any fear, as the risk of this disease outweighs any risks the vaccine might carry.


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